We Are Hiring Post-Docs!

We are currently seeking motivated scientists for post-doctoral positions in our group in Summer or Fall 2018. The first available project includes the integration of cell-surface proteomics, bioinformatics, chemical biology, and antibody + cellular engineering to develop new immunotherapy strategies for a variety of cancers. A second available project involves extending our recent findings revealing the role of alternative splicing and therapeutic implications in multiple myeloma, using a combination of mechanistic biology as well as enrichment-based proteomics. For both positions applicants with experience in mechanstic cancer biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, deep sequencing, bioinformatics, and/or proteomics are highly desired. However, we are willing to consider any applicant with a strong publication record, high scientific aptitude, and ability to learn quickly. Furthermore, other projects could be considered based on applicant interests and experience.

Our group is located in beautiful San Francisco, California. UCSF is one of the premier academic medical centers in the world, excelling in both basic science and clinical research. We are a multidisciplinary research group and our interests span from the basic to translational realms across a number of conditions, as well as new technology development combining chemical-based enrichment and quantitative proteomics. We offer competitive salary in line with cost-of-living in the Bay Area. We are fortunate to have numerous sources of funding including the NIH New Innovator Award, an NCI R01, and Clinical Scientist Development Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, among others, to support our work. We are also fortunate to have extensive collaborations with other world-leading scientists across UCSF, as well as access to world-class core facilities to accelerate discoveries in biomedical reserach. In addition, all mentorship and project design within our group is customized for the scholar's career goals, whether entering academia or industry.

Applicant Instructions

Well-qualified applicants should send a CV, cover letter, and contact information for two references to arun.wiita@ucsf.edu.