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Services Provided to Researchers at ZSFG/UCSF

The Clinical Laboratory is pleased to provide selected Laboratory tests, at reduced rates, to Researchers at ZSFG and UCSF whose patients are being treated at ZSFG. Please note that these special rates are offered by the Clinical Laboratory with the understanding that research tests will be assigned a lower priority than patient care analyses and do not include services such as phlebotomy, special handling (including STAT service), special reports or clinical interpretation. Requests for "sendout tests," i.e., tests that are sent out to other laboratories, may not be available as an option for researchers, as send-out test volume for clinical purposes has significantly increased recently, limiting our abililty to offer this service for non-clinical use. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, considering test volume and degree of hands on processing required. If approved, sendout tests are subject to a special handling fee. Fees for sendout tests are subject to change, and cannot be guaranteed for the entire fiscal year.

Requirements for such testing include: approval from each of the Laboratory Divisions involved in providing services, documentation of CHR approval, and an active UCSF Recharge Account number. Testing for animal subjects is also available upon prior approval. Please see below for links to the forms required to set up a research account.

For further information, please contact the Laboratory Director's Office at 206-8588.

References for Researchers at ZSFG/UCSF

1) Forms to set up a Research Account at the ZSFG Clinical Laboratory

2) Licenses, Certifications and Accreditations

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