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Item Value
Available Stat? Yes
Test code BARBP
Performed by? Chemistry
Sendout? no
Price range $$
In House Availability Routine or Stat: 24 hours, 7 days
Principle Competitive immunoassay using CEDIA technology
Interpretation CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Barbiturates are sedative/hypnotic agents used for the induction of anesthesia and for the treatment of epilepsy and status epilepticus.

CUTOFF: 200 ng/mL.

Drug Detection Period (approximate guideline) = 1 – 3 days (Phenobarbital, 2 weeks).

Barbiturates are not included urine drug screens from the Emergency Department. Positive screening results are not confirmed unless specifically requested. At SFGH, 98% of positive screens for barbiturates are confirmed.
Amount to Collect 10 mL
Sample type Urine
Normal range Negative
Stability Minimum 1 week at 2-8°C
Turn around times Screening results are reported within 1 to 8 hours. Confirmation results will be reported as a separate test when they are completed (1 - 4 days).
References Wu AHB, Broussard LA, Hoffman RS, Kwong TC, McKay C, Moyer TP, Otten EM, Welch SL, Wax P. National Academy of Clinical Chemistry. Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines. Recommendations for the Use of Laboratory Tests to Support the Impaired and Overdosed Patients from the Emergency Department. Clin Chem 2003;49:357-79.
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