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Item Value
Approval req'd? yes, Microbiology Laboratory Medicine Resident
Available Stat? no
Test code SUPL
Performed by? Reference Laboratory - ARUP web page for Toxocara Antibody IgG by ELISA test details.
Sendout? yes
Price range $
Method ELISA
Container type gold top gel tube
Amount to Collect 3 mL
Sample type Serum
Synonyms Toxocara Antibody, IgG; Toxocariasis Serology;
Additional information A titer of 1:32 or greater is indicative of infection at some time with Toxocara spp. Approximately 75% of patients with clinically diagnosed visceral or ocular larva migrans have titers to Toxocara canis of 1:32 or greater.

Specificity at titers of 1:32 or greater is 95%. Subclinical infection with Toxocara spp. is widespread, and titers of 1:32 or greater may be obtained in the serum of up to 10% of apparently normal persons. Titers of less than 1:32 are reported because of their possible value in assessing ocular infections, but must be interpreted with caution because of increased numbers of false positive reactions
CPT coding 86682
Last Updated 8/23/2010 8:32:12 AM
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