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Item Value
Approval req'd? yes, Microbiology Laboratory Medicine Resident
Available Stat? No
Test code CHDG, CHDM
Performed by? Reference Laboratory - ARUP web page for Chagas Antibody, IgG test details and ARUP web page for Chagas Antibody, IgM test details.
Sendout? yes
Price range $
Method ELISA (IgG); IFA (IgM)
Additional information Cross-reactions occur with other parasitic infections, particularly leishmaniasis. Tests become positive 3 weeks to 3 months after infection, reach maximum titers between 3 and 4 months after infection, and can remain positive for life at low titers.

African trypanosomiasis: Immunodiagnostic tests for detection of T. brucei rhodensiense or T. brucei gambiense infections are not available without prior consultation. Contact Microbiology LMR.
CPT coding 86753 x2
Last Updated 2/3/2009 10:05:15 AM
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