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Item Value
Available Stat? Yes
Test code VANA
Performed by? Chemistry
Sendout? no
Price range $$$
In House Availability Routine: 7 days;
STAT: 24 hours/ 7 days
Principle The Siemens Centaur assay is a competitive immunoassay using direct chemiluminescent technology.
Interpretation Sustained elevated levels may cause ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity and hypersensitivity reactions.
Container type gold top gel tube
Amount to Collect 2 mL
Collection Instructions Plasma samples will not be assayed.
Sample type Blood
Special instructions Trough serum level should be drawn just prior to the next dose.
Normal range Trough:

10-15 mg/L mild to moderate infections
15-20 mg/L serious infection

Therapeutic ranges not established for random sampling times.

Stability Serum should be frozen if assay is not run immediately.
Interferences 1. Auto- (rheumatoid factor) and heterophile antibodies in human serum can react with reagent immunoglobulins, interfering with in vitro immunoassays. Patients routinely exposed to animals or to animal serum products can be prone to this interference. Anomalous values, spuriously low or high, may be observed. Results inconsistent with clinical findings or previous laboratory values can be investigated by the laboratory for this phenomenon. Call the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Medicine Resident (x65527, pager 415-443-2311).
References 1. Kucers, A, Bennett, M: The Use of Antibiotic. William Heinemann Medical Books LTD, London, 3rd ed., p. 648, 1979.

2. Bayer 121458 Rev. B, 2002-02. Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, Malvern, PA.

3. Ryback, M, et al. Therapeutic monitoring of vancomycin in adult patients: A consensus review of the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists. Am J Health Syst-Pharm. 2009;66 82-98.
CPT coding 80202
Last Updated 6/18/2011 8:20:16 AM
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