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Lab Manual for UCSF Clinical Laboratories

Lab Manual for SFGH

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Table of Contents

Content last updated 1/25/2014 by Tim Hamill, MD

Laboratory Operations

  1. Introduction
  2. Clinical Laboratories Staff
  3. Laboratory Medicine Residents
  4. Pathology Phone Numbers
  5. Emergency (Stat) Testing
  6. Reflex Testing
  7. Interpretive Reports

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Specimen Collection x31667

  1. Introduction
  2. Laboratory Services For Ambulatory Patients, Including Phlebotomy
    1. Patient Registration
    2. Locations and Hours of Service
    3. Containers and Instructions
    4. Scheduling Special Tests
    5. Who May Order Tests?
    6. Medical Necessity
    7. Advanced Beneficiary Notice
  3. In-Patient Services
    1. Admission, Preoperative and Other In-Patient Blood Drawing
    2. Routine a.m. Phlebotomy
  4. Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)
  5. Blood Drawing - Technical Issues
    1. Collection Containers Available
    2. Minimum Volumes
    3. General Technique
    4. Complete filling of vacutainers, especially coagulation testing:
    5. Order in which multiple samples should be drawn:
    6. Drawing from Intravascular Catheters
    7. 'Micro' Determinations
  6. Urine Collection For Chemical Analyses
    1. Urine Preservative Table
  7. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Collection

  8. Supplies For Specimen Collection
  9. Specimen Identification And Labeling
  10. Processing Of Mislabeled And Unlabeled Specimens
    1. Specimen Labels
    2. Specimens Received Without A Requisition
    3. Mislabeled and Unlabeled Specimens
  11. Reporting Results on tests ordered in error
  12. Test Cancellation
  13. Charging Tests To Another Patient's Account
  14. Needle-Bearing And Other Hazardous Specimen Containers And Requisitions
  15. Specimen Transport And Messenger Service
  16. Add-On Requests And Retention Of Specimens

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Pathology Specimen Handling

  1. Specimen, Receipt, Identification and Rejection Policy

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Laboratory Inquiries & Reports x31667

  1. Laboratory Inquiries & Reports x31667
    1. Electronic Inquiries
    2. Telephone Inquiries
    3. STAT Results and Subcritical & Critical (Panic) Values
      1. STAT Results
      2. Critical Results
      3. Subcritical Results
    4. Printed Reports
    5. Fax Requests
    6. Computer Crashes
    7. Direct release of test results to patients
    8. Other Delays in Reporting
    9. Including Results from Other Laboratories in Sunquest LIS and/or the Electronic Medical Record
  2. Complaints About Service x26128

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Transfusion Service (x31313)

  1. Blood Bank (Transfusion Service) Hours
  2. Specimen requirements for ABO/Rh typing, ‘Type and Screen’, ‘Type and Cross’ and ABO/Rh Confirmation Tests
  3. Requests for Blood Products
  4. CMV-Seronegative Blood Products
    1. AABB CMV Bulletin:
    2. Complex cardiac Procedures:
  5. Irradiation of Blood Components
    1. TranMedRev-1997-BloodProductIrradiation.pdf
    2. VoxSang_2008_TA-GVHD.pdf
  6. Policy for the Use of Leukocyte-Poor Blood Products
  7. Policy for the Use of Hemoglobin S Negative Blood
  8. Platelets
  9. Cross-Matched or HLA-Matched Platelets
    1. Platelet Refractoriness Guide for Clinicians
  10. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  11. Cryoprecipitate
  12. Red Blood Cells
    1. AABB Clinical Practice Guidelines for RBC transfusions
  13. Granulocytes
  14. Blood Components Available
  15. Issuing Blood
  16. Administering Blood
  17. Transfusion Reactions
  18. Autologous and Directed Donations
    1. Special Donations Program Forms
    2. Information on autologous and directed donations at Blood Centers of the Pacific
  19. Circular of Information for the Use of Human Blood and Blood Components
  20. MSBOS
  21. MSBOS Search

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Bone Marrow Aspiration/Biopsy (x31747)

  1. Suggestions for Improving Bone Marrow Aspirations
  2. Emergency Processing of Bone Marrow Samples for Histologic Examination
  3. Bone Marrow Culture

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Microbiology (x31268)

  1. Introduction
  2. Specimen Collection (by Anatomic Site)
  3. Reporting and Normal Flora
  4. Susceptibility Testing
    1. Conditional Reporting of Antimicrobial Susceptibility
    2. Criteria for Susceptibility
    3. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns
  5. Appropriate Specimens for Identifying Most Common Viral Etiologies

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Molecular Diagnostics (x48488)

  1. Introduction

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Lab Regulations

  1. Quality Assurance (x31465)
  2. House Staff Laboratories

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Directory / Abbreviations

  1. On-Campus Laboratories
  2. Abbreviations Used In Test Tables
    1. Symbols, Units and Miscellaneous
    2. Laboratories

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