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Interpretive Reports

To ensure consistent quality of care rendered to patients of the UCSF Medical Center, it is the policy of the Medical Staff that the following clinical laboratory tests shall be accompanied by a written interpretation or report of the laboratory section director(s) or faculty member with clinical privileges in the relevant area(s) of Laboratory Medicine or Pathology. (Approved by UCSF EMB 4/22/03)

CPT-4 Code Description
83020 Hemoglobin, electrophoresis (e.g. A, A2, S, C and/or F)
83021 Hemoglobin, chromatography (e.g. A, A2, S, C and/or F)
83912 Molecular diagnostics interpretation and report (e.g. PCR, Dot Blot, etc., including infectious disease testing)
84165 Protein, electrophoretic fractionation and quantitation
84182 Protein, western blot, with interpretation and report, blood or other body fluid, immunologic probe for band identification, each
85390 Fibrinolysins or coagulopathy screen, interpretation and report
85576 Platelet aggregation (in vitro), each agent
86334 Immunofixation electrophoresis
88180 Flow cytometry, each cell surface, nuclear or cytoplasmic markers
Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics, interpretation and report
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