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Lab Manual for SFGH

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To the Medical and Nursing Staff at UCSF:

This manual contains information about tests available through the UCSF Clinical Laboratories. The professional staff of the Department of Laboratory Medicine is responsible for the performance or referral of requested tests. If problems arise relating to laboratory testing, please consult a Laboratory Medicine Resident, or the appropriate member of our staff.

Laboratory test orders should be entered via the APeX EMR for both inpatients and outpatients. This allows the orders to be 'released' by our outpatient phlebotomist at the time the patient presents for sample collection and inpatient orders are sent to the Collection Manager handheld used by the inpatient nursese and phlebotomists. Questions or problems with entering orders into ApeX should be directed to the Apex team.

On the front page of the on-line lab manual you can search for tests as well as find information about laboratory operations and policies, our accreditation and licensing, Laboratory Updates and tips and information on setting up research testing accounts. The individual test entries can be located via the search entry filed or alphabetically. Each entry contains information about the testing site, method, sample requirements, availability, normal ranges, critical values as well as additional information on patient preparation, collecting samples and test interpretation and utilization guidance. The policies and changes announced in the Laboratory Updates only apply to Moffitt-Long, Mission Bay, China Basin and Mount Zion, but we attempt to coordinate with SFGH and VAMC as much as possible in matters of test availability, methodology, and reference (normal) ranges at our hospitals, as well as to examine ways in which our institutions can better share resources and decrease the cost of laboratory testing.

Over 50 tests are routinely available on an emergency basis twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year. These tests are indicated in the on-line lab manual ('Yes' in the 'Available Stat?" field) and are listed under "Emergency (STAT) Testing." Other tests may be obtained stat, if justified, by contacting the Clinical Laboratory (415-353-1667) and speaking to a Laboratory Medicine Resident.

If a desired test is not listed in the laboratory manual please contact the laboratory at 415-353-1667 and ask to speak to a Laboratory resident, Section director or our Send-out staff to inquire if the test is available. Note that often new tests described in the literature are only available as research tests and may not be available for clinical testing. Federal CLIA regulations require that as CLIA certified laboratories the UCSF Clinical Laboratories may only refer samples for testing to another CLIA (or equivalent) certified laboratory. If the test is available at a CLIA certified laboratory, it may be ordered in Apex as a Miscellaneous Outside Lab test (MOLT). When ordering a MOLT it is imperative to avoid confusion to order the test using the exact name of the test at the performing laboratory, the name of the laboratory it will be sent to and if you spoke to a clinical pathologist the name of that individual.

We regret that we are unable to perform tests on staff members, family members or pets as a professional courtesy. Tests on laboratory animals for research purposes which are charged against research funds can be performed only after prior arrangement with the head of the involved laboratory section, so as not to interfere with our patient care services. Further due to staffing constraints the UCSF Clinical Laboratory will not, per Medical Center policy, process, package or ship research samples to external research or commercial laboratories.

Edward Thornborrow, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director,
Clinical Laboratories
Clifford A. Lowell, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Laboratory Medicine


Clinical Laboratories Staff

Chair, Laboratory Medicine Clifford A. Lowell, M.D., Ph.D. S 1057 476-2963
Clinical Laboratory Medical Directors
   - Parnassus Scott Kogan, M.D. M 524D 415-353-1698
   - China Basin William Karlon, M.D., Ph.D.
CB 2107
   - Mount Zion Anne Deucher, M.D. MtZ B233 415-514-6873
   - Mission Bay Edward Thornborrow, M.D., Ph.D. MB, M2339 415-476-7888
Administrative Director Steven Peacock MB, M2339 415-476-7888
   - Administrative Site manager Joshua Nguyen, CLS M524 B 415-353-4723
   - Site Manager, China Basin Irene Lee, CLS CB 2212 415-353-1514
   - Site Manager, Mission Bay Jacqueline Lichaa, CLS MB, M2339 415-514-4635
   - Site Manager, Parnassus and Mt. Zion Joanne Wong, CLS L 568 415-353-1485
Blood Bank/Transfusion Service M 501 415-353-1313
   - Director Ashok Nambiar, M.D. MB, M2316 415-514-2018
   - Asst. Director Morvarid Moayeri, M.D. M 501-E 415-353-1671
   - Asst. Director Sara Bakhtary, M.D. M 501B 415-353-1311
   - Sr. Supervisor, Parnassus and Mt Zion Delene Johnson, CLS M 501D 415-353-1730
   - Sr. Supervisor, Mission Bay Stephanie Schnapp, CLS MB, M2339 415-514-4088
Blood Gas Laboratory-Parnassus
   - Director Scott Kogan, MD M 524D 415-353-1698
   - Supervisor Gene Qin, CLS M 1576 415-353-8844
Blood Gas Laboratory-Mission Bay
   - Director Ed Thornborrow, MD, PhD MB, M2339 415-476-7888
   - Sr. Supervisor Wilford Vince-Cruz, CLS MB, M2339 415-514-4945
Blood & Marrow Transplant Laboratory (BMT Lab) S 1164 415-353-1789
   - Director Andrew D. Leavitt, M.D. S 561 415-514-3432
   - Sr. Supervisor Lizette Caballero, CLS M 547 415-353-1351
Chemistry, Parnassus and China Basin
   - Director Theodore W. Kurtz, M.D. CB 2111 415-353-1979
   - Asst. Director Deborah French, PhD CB 2214 415-514-6627
   - Sr. Supervisor Kirk Sujishi, CLS L 568, CB 2213 415-353-1485
Chemistry, Mission Bay
   - Director Ed Thornborrow, MD, PhD MB, M2339 415-476-7888
   - Sr. Supervisor Jesus Rangel, CLS MB, M2339 415-514-4634
CLS Training Programs and Clinical laboratory Continuing Education Joseph Musallam, CLS CB 2123 415-353-7843
Cytogenetics CB 2421 415-353-4844
   - Director Jingwei Yu, Ph.D. CB 2442 415-353-4809
   - Asst. Director Maria Yiu, Ph.D. CB 2313 415-514-8251
   - Asst. Director Zhongxia (Joe) Qi, PhD CB 2445 415-514-6831
   - Asst. Director Arun Wiita, MD, PhD CB 2213 415-514-6238
   - Sr. Supervisor Anita Ki, CSP CB 2446 415-514-8965
Hematology - Parnassus M 524 415-353-1747
   - Director Scott Kogan, M.D. M 569 S 561 415-514-1590
   - Asst. Director Anne Deucher, M.D. M 569A 415-514-6552
   - Asst. Director Sonam Prakash, M.D. M 569C 415-353-1094
   - Sr. Supervisor Kathleen Kushner, CLS M 524A 415-353-1472
Hematology - Mission Bay M2339 415-476-1094
   - Director Kristie White, M.D., M.Ed. M2312 415-514-2016
   - Sr. Supervisor Barbara McKinley-Kern, CLS M2308 415-476-7879
Immunology CB 2210 415-353-1712
   - Director William Karlon, M.D. CB 2112 415-353-4721
   - Sr. Supervisor Ching Ying Oon, CLS CB 2211 415-353-4528
Laboratory Information Sys.
   - Manager, Operation Director Steven Peacock M524C 415-353-3991
   - Supervisor James Reese CB 2314 415-514-5660
Microbiology CB 2233 415-353-1268
   - Director Steve Miller, M.D., Ph.D. CB 2233 415-353-9630
   - Asst. Director Charles Chiu, M.D., Ph.D. CB 185 415-514-8219
   - Sr. Supervisor Rohan Nadarajah, CLS CB 2232 415-353-1333
Molecular Diagnostics CB Suite 100 415-514-8488
   - Technical Director Farid F. Chehab, Ph.D. CB 1006 415-514-6063
   - Supervisor Mei-Chi Cheung, CLS CB 1004 415-353-4845
   - Technical Consultant (Pharmacogenomics) Alan Wu, Ph.D. SFGH 2M-27 415-476-3540
Phlebotomy, Inpatient
   - Sr. Supervisor, Parnassus Roberto Ocampo, CLS 415-353-8431
   - Sr. Supervisor, Mt. Zion Elmer Seisa, CLS MtZ B233 415-885-7314
   - Supervisor, Mission Bay Karen Amogawin MB, M3201 415-514-2929
Phlebotomy, Outpatient
   - Supervisor, Parnassus Roberto Ocampo, CLS 415-353-8431
   - Supervisor, Parnassus Arlyn Mangonon A 122 415-353-2147
   - Supervisor, Mt. Zion Post St. Felamino Caberto Suite 100 415-885-7532
   - Supervisor, Mt Zion Cancer Center Marvin Wright Suite 100 415-353-9246
   - Supervisor, Mission Bay Karen Amogawin MB, M3201 415-514-2929
Point of Care Testing (POCT)
   - Sr. Supervisor, Mission Bay Wilford Vince-Cruz, CLS MB, M2339 415-514-4945
   - Supervisor, Parnassus and Mt Zion Emmanuel (Manny) Udasco, RN, CLS M653 415-514-8355
Specimen Processing
   - Supervisor, Parnassus Roberto Ocampo, CLS 415-353-8431
   - Supervisor, Parnassus Cynthia Richardson M 503 415-353-1391
   - Supervisor, Mt. Zion Marcelina Coh MtZ, B 212 415-885-7794
   - Supervisor, China Basin Harrison Wong CB 2210 415-353-4804
   - Supervisor, Mission Bay Elaine Castillo MB, M2339 415-514-3684
Send Out Coordinator James Dyes CB 2120 415-353-1349
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance Cynthia Ishisaki, CLS M 569D 415-353-1976

*Send all mail to Box 0100



Blood Bank
   - Parnassus 415-353-1313 M 501
   - Mt. Zion 415-885-7791 MtZ B232
   - Mission Bay 415-476-1404 M2348
Bone Marrow (Hematology) 415-353-1672 M 569
   - Parnassus 415-353-1501 L 568
   - Mount Zion 415-885-3615 MtZ B232
   - Special Chemistry, China Basin 415-353-4820 CB 2210
   - Mission Bay 415-476-0183 M2339
Cytogenetics 415-353-4844 CB 2421
   - Parnassus 415-353-1747 M 524
   - Mount Zion 415-885-7680 MtZ B232
   - Mission Bay 415-476-1404 M2348
Blood and Marrow Transplant Lab (BMT Lab) 415-353-1789 M547
Immunology 415-353-1712 CB 2210
Immunogenetics 415-476-3883 Ralph K. Davies Med. Ctr.
Microbiology 415-353-1268 CB 2230
Molecular Diagnosis 415-514-8488 CB Suite 100
Blood Gas Lab
   - Parnassus 415-353-1755 M 1577
   - Mission Bay 415-514-2146 C 3636
Specimen Processing
   - China Basin 415-353-4840 CB 2210
   - Mount Zion 415-885-7845 MtZ B212
   - Parnassus 415-353-1667 M521
   - Send-outs 415-353-1349 CB2210
   - Mission Bay 415-476-0192 M2348


Phlebotomy & Outpatient Services

Parnassus (ACC)
   - Adult 415-353-2736 A 122
   - Hematology 415-353-2068 A 504
Mission Bay (Conway Gateway) 415-514-2629 1825 4th St, 3rd floor
Mt. Zion
   - 2330 Post St. 415-885-7531 Suite 100
   - Cancer Center 415-885-7764 1600 Divisadero, 1st floor


Laboratory Medicine Residents

Blood Bank 415-353-1721 415-443-8296
General Lab/Chemistry 415-353-1438 415-443-3638
Flow Cytometry & Immunology 415-353-1438 415-443-2821
Molecular/Cytogenetics 415-353-1469 415-443-3654

   - Bone Marrow 415-353-1343 415-443-3518
    - Routine Hematology
415-353-1614 415-443-3625
    - Hematopathology Fellow 415-353-1343
    - Hematopathology Fellow

On-Call (after 1700 hrs) 415-353-1667 Call 415-353-1667 and ask to speak to on-call resident



Emergency (Stat) Testing

Excessive STAT usage increases the cost of laboratory services for all patients and decreases the speed with which genuinely important results can be reported. CALL x31667 TO INFORM THE LABORATORY ABOUT SPECIAL NEEDS WITH EMERGENCY SPECIMENS.

[Marked as available Stat in test table entries]
Turn-around time 15 minutes to two hours (depending on test) from receipt of sample in lab

CHEMISTRY (415-353-1667)
Acetaminophen (B) Creatinine (B,U, BF)
Albumin (B) Digoxin (B)
Alkaline Phosphatase (B) Drugs of Abuse Screen (U)
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) (B) Electrolytes (B)
Ammonia (B) Ethanol (B)
Amphetamine Screen (U) Fetal Fibronectin (Vaginal Fluid)
Amylase (B,U, BF) Glucose (B,CSF, BF)
Aspartate Transaminase (AST) (B) HCG-Beta, for ectopic pregnancy (B) (OB Only)
Barbiturate Screen (U) Iron (B)
Basic Metabolic panel (B) Lactate (B, CSF)
Benzodiazepine Screen (U) Lithium (B)
Beta-hydroxybutyrate (B) Magnesium (B)
Bilirubin, Direct (B) Opiate Screen (U)
Bilirubin, Total (B, BF) Osmolality (B, U)
Blood Gases (B) Phenobarbital (B)
B-type Natriuretic peptide Phenytoin (B)
BUN (B) Phosphorus (B)
Calcium, total & ionized (B) Plasma Free Hemoglobin
Cannabinoid Screen (U)Potassium (B, BF, U)
Carbamazepine (B) Protein, Total (BF, CSF)
Chloride (B, BF, U) Salicylate (B)
CO2, total (B) Sodium (B,U)
Comprehensive Metabolic panel (B)Theophylline (B)
CK, Total (B) Troponin I (B)
CK-MB (B) Valproic acid (B)
Cocaine Screen (U)
HEMATOLOGY (415-353-1667)
CBC (incl Plt count) +/- Differential (B) Malaria smear (thin) (B)
Cell Count & Diff (BF, CSF) Partial Thromboplastin Time (B)
Fibrinogen (B) Platelet Count (B)
Fibrin D-Dimers (B) Prothrombin Time (B)
HCG for pregnancy (U) RBC Count (B)
Hematocrit (B, BF) Sedimentation Rate (B)
Hemoglobin (B) Urinalysis +/- Microscopy (U)
Ketones, Qualitative (U)
MICROBIOLOGY (415-353-1268)
Malaria Exam
Gram Stain (Sterile sites 24x7, Non-sterile sites 7:30 AM-11:30 PM)
BLOOD BANK (Parnassus: -353-1313, Mission Bay: 476-1404, Mt. Zion: 885-7791)
ABO & Rh typingEmergency release of RBCs
Antibody Screen & IdentificationIndirect Coombs
CrossmatchPost-Transfusion Study
Direct CoombsO Rh negative RBCs, phone Blood Bank

B = Blood, U = Urine, CSF = Cerebrospinal fluid, BF = Body Fluid

STAT performance of assays not on this list are uncommonly needed, and should be requested only when the resulting information will immediately alter patient management. Requests are screened by the Laboratory Medicine resident of the appropriate laboratory section during the day and by the resident on-call after 1700 hrs weekdays, on weekends and holidays. The agreement of the attending physician, an appropriate consultant and/or the Laboratory Director may be required. 

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