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[Moffit-Long Lab Manual]

Discounted laboratory services are available to researchers with grants and/or contracts which have been approved by the Committee on Human Research.

Tests are given a research price based on a fee schedule. The fee schedule can be obtained from the Clinical Laboratories (please call Adriana Silva, Clinical Labs Adminstrative Analyst, at x3-1081).

Note: You must obtain a ZZ account (see below) before the clinical labs will process your samples.

Unfortunately, due to Medical Center policy we cannot forward research samples to reference laboratories for testing. If you desire testing that the clinical laboratory does not perform you will need to arrange this with a reference laboratory directly.

To be eligible for discounted rates, the researcher must contact the Intake Team at ClinicalTrials@ucsf.edu for assistance in creating a ZZ Research account.

  1. The following CRC User guide link may be helpful:
    User Guide For Clinical Research Coordinator (CRCs)

  2. If test results are to appear in APeX, the order must be placed in APeX. If your clinic is not yet live on APeX, you may submit a paper requisition; however, be sure to list the patient's correct Medical Record Number as indicated on on the sample requisition.

Discounts require a lead of time of one week following receipt of the request with the accompanying CHR (or CAR) approval. Tests ordered before the discount is in place are NOT discounted retroactively.

Prices of tests performed in-house are guaranteed for the current fiscal year. Annual increases are usually applied as part of Medical Center-wide charge updates at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Details of research protocols need not be supplied to the Clinical Laboratories. No prior arrangements are needed for any test routinely offered by the Laboratory and listed in the Laboratory Manual with a specific ordering code, unless some type of special handling or processing is required.

Testing of samples from research animals as part of a research protocol is not offered through the UCSF Clinical laboratories. Please contact the Mouse Pathology Core at the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center for Assistance: http://cancer.ucsf.edu/research/cores/mouse Ph: 415-514-3500.

Additional testing at discounted rates will be performed if needed to confirm or resolve abnormal results (e.g., Western blot for positive HIV serology by EIA, manual platelet counts if WBC fragments are present). Surcharges will also be invoked for unusual demands including stat testing, testing requiring calling in of extra staff (if it can even be arranged without impacting patient care requirements), etc.

Because of limited resources, the laboratory cannot process, store or ship specimens for the researcher, who are expected to promptly pick up any specimens and provide for shipping to their final destination.

Researchers should familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date test information and requirements for most common and uncommon requests, available at our web site at:


General information on, e.g., testing schedules, hours of operation of phlebotomy services for ambulatory patients, blood product usage and optimal use of the microbiology laboratory is also accessible on-line from that web site by clicking on the "Instructions for Use of Laboratory Services".

For additional information please call Adriana Silva at the Clinical Laboratories office, x3-1081.

[Moffit-Long Lab Manual]

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