Item Value
Test name Protein Electrophoresis, serum
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 1-3 days
In House Availability Monday-Friday (day shift) as needed
Performed by China Basin Chemistry
Normal range For patients ≥ 1 year old:
Components Reference Interval
Albumin 3.75 – 5.01 g/dL
Alpha-1 Globulins 0.19 – 0.46 g/dL
Alpha-2 Globulins 0.48 – 1.05 g/dL
Beta Globulins 0.48 – 1.10 g/dL
Gamma 0.62 – 1.51 g/dL

Note: Reference intervals are not available for patients < 1 year old. Results should read lower due to a lower total protein in patients who are < 1 year old.

Reference range adopted from ARUP Laboratory and verified by UCSF Clinical Labs by running 39 outpatient samples with normal ALB, AST, ALT, LD, creat/eGFR, & CRP.
Container type Gold top
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood
Sample type Serum

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667