Item Value
Test name Neonatal Screen
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 9-12 days
Performed by Western Clinical Laboratory
Normal range Acylcarnitine profile:
FC 12-220 µmol/L
FC/(C16+C18) ratio 0-100
C-2 5-85 µmol/L
C-3 0-6.5 µmol/L
CO3/CO2 ratio 0.025
C-3DC 0-0.3 µmol/L
C-4 0-1.8 µmol/L
C-4DC 0-2.6 µmol/L
C-5 0-1.2 µmol/L
C5:1 0-0.4 µmol/L
C-5OH 0-1.2 µmol/L
C-5DC 0-0.35 µmol/L
C-6 0-0.7 µmol/L
C-8 0-0.5 µmol/L
CO8/C10 ratio Not given
C-8.1 0-0.9 µmol/L
C-10 0-0.6 µmol/L
C10:1 0-0.45 µmol/L
C-12 0-2 µmol/L
C-12:1 Not given
C-14 0-1.1 µmol/L
C14:1 0-0.8 µmol/L
C14:1/C12:1 ratio Not given
C-14OH 0-0.4 µmol/L
C-16 0-10 µmol/L
C-16:1 0-1.2 µmol/L
C-16OH 0-0.3 µmol/L
C-18 0-3.5 µmol/L
C-18:1 0-4 µmol/L
C-18:2 Not given
C-18OH 0-0.4 µmol/L
C18:1OH 0-0.35 µmol/L

Amino acids:
Glycine Not given
Alanine 0-900 µmol/L
Valine Not given
Leucine/Isoleucine 0-200 µmol/L
Leucine/Alanine ratio 0-1.5
Phenylalanine 0-140 µmol/L
Phenylalanine/Tyrosine ratio 0-2.3
Tyrosine 0-700 µmol/L
Methionine 0-100 µmol/L
Citrulline 0-90 µmol/L
Citrulline/Arginine ratio Not given
Ornithine 0-500 µmol/L
Ornithine/Citrulline ratio Not given
Arginine 0-200 µmol/L
Arginine/Ornithine ratio Not given
Proline 0-100 µmol/L
5-Oxoproline Not given

Other analytes:
Immunoreactive trypsinogen < 62 ng/mL
Biotinidase > 10 ERU
Gal-1-Uridyl Transferase > 50 enzyme units
TSH 0-25 mIU/L
17 Hydroxyprogesterone < 180 nmol/L
T-cell Receptor Excision Circle (TREC) > 25 copies/µL
Container type Filter paper
Collection Instructions Draw > 12 hours after birth or immediately prior to an earlier blood transfusion.

Do not use capillary tubes for collection of the blood spot specimen and do not collect from a site other than a heel stick: deviations from the standard collection method of direct spotting of heel stick blood onto the filter paper can give false-negative results.

It is advised to submit a sample of cord blood in a Lavender top tube (label it "NSP") to the blood bank for follow-up hemoblobinopathy testing if required.
Sample type Blood

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667