Item Value
Test name Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia - Parental evaluation
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 1-2 weeks
Performed by Blood Center of Wisconsin
Normal range
Container type
Mother Yellow top (ACD) x3 and Red top x3
Father Yellow top (ACD) x3
Amount to Collect
Mother 25.5 mL blood in Yellow tops (ACD) and 18 mL blood in Red tops
Father 25.5 mL blood in Yellow tops (ACD)
Collection Instructions See information under Approval req'd BEFORE submitting samples

Specimens are only accepted 8 AM-5 PM Monday through Thursday and 8 AM-12 Noon on Friday.
Sample type ACD whole blood AND Serum

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667