Item Value
Test name AFB Culture, Non-Respiratory
Available Stat? No
Turn around times Up to 7 weeks
In House Availability Daily, day shift
Performed by Microbiology
Normal range No AFB isolated
Container type
Bone marrow Isolator tube (available from hematology laboratory)
Fluid Sterile container
CSF CSF tube or sterile collection tube
Tissue Sterile container
FNA TSB broth tube (Available from Microbiology processing area)
Amount to Collect
Marrow 1 mL
CSF and other fluids 15-20 mL (6 mL for peds)
Urine Entire first AM void (Up to 3 samples may be collected on consecutive days)
Tissue 5 cu mm
Collection Instructions
Bone marrow Isolator tubes for bone marrow samples are available from the Hematology laboratory
Urine Collect entire first AM void
Gastric lavage Collect in the early morning. Patient should be fasting prior to collection
FNA TSB broth tubes for FNA samples are available from the Microbiology processing laboratory.

Note: the diagnostic yield for joint and body fluid samples is low. If mycobacterial infection is suspected from these sites, tissue is the preferred specimen.
Sample type Bone marrow, CSF, body fluids, urine, unfixed tissue, FNA

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667