Item Value
Test name Insect Venom IgG Antibody
Available Stat? No
Performed by Quest
Normal range Interpretation:
< 1.0-3.4 mg/L Low level of IgG antibody indicatcating a significant risk of reaction in patients with a history of systemic anaphylaxis from hymenoptera sting and/or positive skin test to venom.

≥ 3.5 mg/L Moderate level of IgG antibody to venom associated with a reduced risk, depending on history.
Container type Gold top
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood for each venom to be tested
Collection Instructions Indicate insect type suspected if known on requisition (Honey bee, Paper wasp, White-faced hornet, Yellow hornet, Yellow jacket)
Sample type Serum

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667