Item Value
Test name Glycine, CSF:Plasma ratio
Available Stat? No
Performed by Lucille-Packard Childrens Hospital
Patient Preparation Patients must be fasting for at least 4 hours before sample collection.

The test request should be accompanied by a brief clinical history, the tentative diagnosis, and a listing of drugs, x-rays, infant formula or dietary therapy administered within the previous 3 days.
Normal range CSF/plasma ratio: 0.02-0.05
Container type CSF tube or sterile collection tube and Dark Green top
Collection Instructions Submit both plasma and CSF samples, following the collection instructions for plasma under Amino Acids, Quantitative, 1-5 only. CSF specimen label must contain the date the sample was collected and the legible name of the person who collected the sample.
Sample type CSF & heparinized plasma

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667