Item Value
Test name Glucose, whole blood (See Blood Gas Panel)
Available Stat? Yes
Turn around times STAT 1 hour, Routine 4 hours
In House Availability Test available 24 hours per day 7 days per week
Performed by
Parnassus Blood Gas Laboratory
Mission Bay Hospital Laboratory
Mount Zion Clinical Laboratory
Normal range Pediatrics:
< 1 month 55-115 mg/dL
1 month - 1 year 55-123 mg/dL
1 year - 17 years 56-145 mg/dL

Adults (≥ 18 years old):
Normal 70-199 mg/dL
Impaired glucose tolerance 140-199 mg/dL*
Diabetes mellitus > 199 mg/dL**

* measured 2 hour postprandial
** AND Sx of diabetes such as polyuria, polydipsia or unexplained weight loss

1. Normal range for infants 0 to <1 month adapted from Soldin, Steven J., "Pediatric Reference Intervals", 6th edition, AACC Press, 2007, method 1.
2. Normal range for 1 month to <18 years adapted from Beckman Coulter's "Pediatric Reference Range Guidelines for Synchron Systems" Bulletin 9345
3. ADA guidelines used for adults.
Container type Plastic syringe containing 100 U of dry heparin
Amount to Collect 3 mL blood
Collection Instructions Transport immediately to laboratory
Sample type Heparinized whole blood

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667