Item Value
Test name Ectoparasite identification
Available Stat? No
In House Availability Monday-Friday, day shift
Performed by Microbiology
Normal range No parasites seen
Container type Urine cup or clean
Collection Instructions Place insect in gauze or tissue moistened with water and submit in a clean container. Refrigerate until submitted to laboratory.

Skin scrapings for scabies: Scrapings are best performed at the end of the burrows in non-excoriated and non-inflamed areas using a sterile scalpel blade containing a drop of mineral oil. The mineral oil enhances the adherence of the mites to the blade and can then be transferred to a glass slide. Glass slides can be "sandwiched" together and placed in a sterile container for transport to the lab.
Sample type Arthropod; skin scrapings

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667