Item Value
Test name Creatinine, 24 hour (or timed) urine
Available Stat? Yes
Turn around times STAT 1 hour, Routine 4 hours
In House Availability Test available 7 days per week from 8:00 AM to midnight only.
Performed by Parnassus & Mission Bay Chemistry
Normal range Age (years):
< 1 8-20 mg/kg/D
1-11 8-22 mg/kg/D
12-15 8-30 mg/kg/D
Male 16-89 years 14-26 mg/kg/D
Female 16-89 years 11-20 mg/kg/D
> 90 years > 9 mg/kg/D

Reference ranges adopted from Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry, 5th Edition
Container type 24 hour urine collection container

Click here for Urine Preservative Requirements
Amount to Collect Entire urine output during collection period
Collection Instructions Include the patient's weight in kg on the request slip.

Note that the minimum acceptable time period for a 'timed' collection is 6 hours.

Results of collections of less than 24 hour duration will be adjusted to reflect a '24 hour collection'. The limited time of collection as well as the need to adjust the values to be comparable to the '24 hour' normal ranges will inherently affect the accuracy of the results.
Sample type Timed urine collection

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667