Item Value
Test name Chlamydia Culture
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 3-7 days.
Performed by Focus Diagnostics
Patient Preparation Some spermicidal agents and feminine powder sprays interfere with Chlamydia testing and should not be used prior to specimen collection.
Normal range No Chlamydia isolated
Container type
Swabs and tissue Universal Transport Medium (UTM)
Other specimens Sterile container
Amount to Collect
Swab samples One swab
Fluids 3 mL
Tissue 1 cu mm
Collection Instructions Do not use wood swabs. Dacron or rayon on plastic or wire swabs are recommended for specimen collection. Specimen should contain columnar or cuboidal epithelial cells from the infected site.

Collection kits with Universal Transport Medium (UTM) can be obtained from Moffit-Long Laboratory or Mount Zion Laboratory. Break or bend swabs to fit inside UTM tube. Immerse biopsy in UTM tube
Sample type Endocervical swab, urethral swab, conjunctival eye scraping (swab), rectal swab, lymph node aspirate/biopsy, biopsy, vaginal swab (<12 years old), nasopharyngeal swab (infants only), throat swab, and endotracheal aspirate (infants only)

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667