Item Value
Test name Acanthamoeba Culture and smear
Available Stat? No
Turn around times Culture: 7-10 days, Smear: 1-3 days
In House Availability Monday-Friday day shift
Performed by Microbiology
Normal range No Acanthamoeba spp. present/isolated
No Parasites Seen
Container type Corneal scraping/biopsy: Non-nutrient agar plate, Contact lens solution: Sterile container, Contact lens case with solution or lens
CSF/Tissue: CSF tube or sterile collection tube
Amount to Collect Contact lens solution: 0.5 mL
CSF: 5 mL
Tissue: approximately 6 mm
Collection Instructions Transport specimens to Microbiology as soon as possible.

Corneal scrapings or biopsy: Place specimen directly onto the center of a non-nutrient agar plate. Label the plates at the edge so as not to interfere with microscopic analysis. Tape the plate closed and transport in a sealed specimen bag. If a stain is requested, submit a slide with a centered dime-sized smear, frosted side face up, labeled, and in a slide transport container.

Contact lens solution: Submit in original container or sterile container.

Contact lens case: Submit with fluid or with lenses.
Sample type Corneal scraping/biopsy
Contact lens solution
Contact lens case with fluid or lens
Brain tissue
Skin abscess

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667