Item Value
Test name Free Catecholamines, Fractionated, plasma
Available Stat? No
Turn around times Test run Monday-Friday. Turnaround time: 2-5 days.
Performed by Quest
Patient Preparation An 8 hour fast before specimen collection is preferred. Patient should avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco and strenuous exercise prior to collection. Patients should be relaxed in a supine (recommended) or upright position before blood is drawn. States of anxiety and stress can cause fluctuations in the catecholamine levels.
Normal range Pediatric patient supine:
Children age 3-15 years:
Epinephrine ≤ 464 pg/mL
Norepinephrine ≤ 1251 pg/mL
Dopamine < 60 pg/mL

≥ 18 year olds patient supine:
Epinephrine < 50 pg/mL
Norepinephrine 112-658 pg/mL
Dopamine < 10 pg/mL
Total 123-671 pg/mL

≥ 18 year old patient upright (not recommended):
Epinephrine < 95 pg/mL
Norepinephrine 217-1109 pg/mL
Dopamine < 20 pg/mL
Total 242-1125 pg/mL

Pediatric normals from: J Chromatogr 1993 617:304-307
Container type Dark Green top (on ice) (Light green top acceptable)
Amount to Collect 8 mL blood
Collection Instructions Pre-chill tube. Bring all samples to the laboratory on wet ice immediately for separation and freezing of plasma within 15 minutes of collection. Indicate if patient was supine or upright during collection on the requisition.
Sample type Heparinized plasma

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