Item Value
Test name Alpha-globin Gene Sequencing (New test)
Available Stat? No
In House Availability Run 1x per week as needed. Day shift only
Performed by Medical Genomics - Molecular Diagnostics
Normal range Negative: No mutations detected
Container type Lavender top
Conical tube
T25 cell culture flask
Amount to Collect
Blood 5 mL
Amniotic fluid 20 mL
Chorionic villi 20 mg
Cultured cells (Amniotic fluid or CVS) Confluent T25 flasks x2
Collection Instructions For UCSF Samples (from remote sites) Click here for sample collection instructions

For NON-UCSF Samples Click here for Requisition form & Account set-up instructions. Note we only do institutional billing.
Sample type EDTA whole blood
Amniotic fluid
Cultured amniocytes or Chorionic villi

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667