Item Value
Test name Lymphocyte T-cell subsets, Naive and Memory
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 2-3 days
In House Availability Monday-Friday (day shift). Samples must arrive in lab by noon on Friday.
Performed by Immunology
Normal range ≥ 18 year olds:
Subset Percentage Absolute
CD4+ CD45 RA+ 3-59% of CD4 T cells of CD4 T-cells 48-632 x106cells/L
CD4+ CD45 RO+ 31-76% of CD4 T cells 220-833 x106cells/L
CD8+ CD45 RA+ 15-75% of CD8 T cells 27-457 x106cells/L
CD8+ CD45 RO+ 11-65% of CD8 T cells 48-400 x106cells/L

For pediatric ranges please see following ranges established by Mayo Clinic - Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology; Rochester, MN 55905 (Laboratory Test Abstract Form - F 006284)

CD4+ CD45 RA+ 21-75% of CD4 T cells 138-893 x106cells/L
CD4+ CD45 RO+ 11-44% of CD4 T cells 56-411 x106cells/L
CD8+ CD45 RA+ 23-88% of CD8 T cells 83-653 x106cells/L
CD8+ CD45 RO+ 2-26% of CD8 T cells 10-142 x106cells/L

Container type Lavender top
Amount to Collect 3 ml blood
Collection Instructions Collect only Monday - Friday. Samples must arrive in lab no later than 1200 hours on Friday or they cannot be processed.
Sample type EDTA whole blood

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667