Item Value
Test name POCT Influenza Virus
Available Stat? Yes
In House Availability During clinic hours
Performed by Authorized Point of Care testing site staff
Normal range Negative
Container type Swab or clean container
Collection Instructions Nasal Swab Sample:
For proper test performance, use the swabs supplied in the kit.
Insert sterile swab into the nostril that presents the most secretion under visual
inspection. Gently rotate the swab inward, until resistance is met at the level of the
turbinates (less than one inch into the nostril). Rotate the swab a few times against the
nasal wall.

Nasal Wash or Aspirate Sample:

1. For Older Children and Adults
With the patient's head hyper-extended, instill about 2.5 ml of sterile saline into one nostril with a syringe. To collect the wash, place specimen container directly under the nose with slight pressure on the upper lip. Tilt the head forward and allow the fluid to flow into the specimen container. Repeat for the other nostril, collecting the fluid into the same specimen container.

2. For Younger Children
Sit child on parent's lap facing forward, with the child's back against the parent's chest.The parent should wrap one arm around the child in a manner that will restrain the child's body and arms.

Fill an aspiration bulb or bulb syringe with up to 2.5 mL of sterile, normal saline (depending on the size of the child), and instill the saline into one nostril while the head is tilted back.

Release the pressure on the bulb to aspirate the specimen back into the bulb. Transfer the specimen into specimen container. Repeat the process for the child's other nostril and transfer the specimen into the same specimen container.
Sample type Nasal swab or nasal wash

If you have additional questions regarding this test, please call: 415-353-1667