Item Value
Test name Vitamin B12
Available Stat? No
Turn around times 1-5 days
In House Availability Wednesday, Sunday (day shift)
Performed by China Basin Chemistry
Normal range Adult Reference Range (≥18 years):

Adult Reference Range
301-816 ng/L NORMAL. Deficiency unlikely (sensitivity of approximately 90%; however, the assay may not be as sensitive in individuals with anti-intrinsic factor [IF] antibodies).
200-300 ng/L BORDERLINE. Additional testing may be indicated depending on the clinical circumstances.
< 200 ng/L LOW. Consistent with deficiency. Additional testing may be indicated to determine the accuracy of the diagnosis and possibly its cause.

Adult reference range adopted from and vendor package insert. Verified in-house with lab donor samples.

Pediatric Reference Range:

Pediatric Reference Range
Age Range (ng/L)
5 days - < 1 year 259 - 1576
1 year - < 9 years 283 - 1613
9 years - < 14 years 252 - 1125
14 years - < 17 years 244 - 888
17 years 203 - 812

Pediatric reference ranges adopted from CALIPER Pediatric Reference Interval study performed on random samples using the Abbott Architect i2000 assay.
Container type Gold top or Red top
Amount to Collect 1 mL blood
Sample type Serum

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