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Fecal Occult Blood Test (FIT) (Complete View)

Item Value
Test name Fecal Occult Blood Test (FIT)
Test Update Information
Approval req'd?
Available Stat? No
Utilization Guidelines
Test code FOBT
Test group
Performed by Immunology
In House Availability Twice a week (Monday and Thursday day shift)
Method Immunologic turbidimetry
Patient Preparation
Collection Instructions Kits are available in some clinics and from the Laboratory collection sites in the ACC, 2330 Post St. and the Mount Zion Cancer center.

Patient instructions are available in several different languages:

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Container type Stool sampling bottle
Amount to Collect
Sample type Stool
Preferred volume
Min. Volume
UCSF Rejection Criteria Samples must be received by the laboratory within 12 Days of collection. Samples > 12 days old when received will not be tested.
Processing notes
Ref Lab Rejection Criteria
Normal range Negative
Critical value
Synonyms FIT test; Immuno-occult blood; stool guaiac, hemoccult;
Stability Inoculated sample bottle stable for 12 days at room temperature. Refrigerated 1 month.
Turn around times 1-4 days
Additional information This test replaces the prior guaiac card method and offers increased sensitivity and specificity. Screening for colorectal cancer should no longer be performed by the guaiac method and cards submitted for this purpose will be rejected. Due to the increased sensitivity of this test only a single test is usually performed (compared with 3 guaiac cards). If multiple samples are received together, only one sample with be tested.

Samples should be tested within 12 days of collection. If the patient does not enter a collection date, the comment 'Collection date unknown' will be entered. Samples greater than 12 days old will be rejected by the lab. Repeat testing may be indicated if sample stability is exceeded.

Screening for occult fecal blood is a Medicare benefit for patient > 50 years old at intervals of at least 11 full months and with the written order of a physician. More frequent testing in the absence of a specific relevant diagnosis is not considered screening, is not covered by Medicare and may result in charges to the patient.
CPT coding 82274
LOINC code 29771-3
LDT or Mod FDA?
Include for internal use?
Last Updated 12/8/2017 12:06:38 PM
Entry Number 1288
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