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Trichomonas vaginalis Culture

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code P415
Performed by Microbiology
In House Availability Daily, day shift
Collection Instructions InPouch containers are available in the ED, ACC laboratory and the Microbiology laboratory (L 515).

After employing a swab to obtain secretions from the presumptively infected area, tear off the plastic above the white InPouch closure, open the pouch by its tabs, and place the swab in the upper chamber of the pouch. Express the secretions from the swab by rubbing the swab between the InPouch walls. Remove and discard the swab. Roll the top of the pouch over twice and fold the tabs over.

Place the label containing the patient identification over the InPouch label, not over the clear plastic viewing area. Deliver the specimen to the laboratory within 30 minutes of collection.
Container type InPouch kit containing secretions expressed from a swab
Sample type Prostate, Urethral, Vaginal swab
UCSF Rejection Criteria Samples not submitted in InPouch
Normal range Negative
Synonyms Vaginal parasites; T vaginalis; Wet mount; Vaginitis;
Turn around times Preliminary reading within 1 hour; final reading at 5 days
Additional information After 2345 the specimen will be incubated at 37C in Specimen Receiving.

The sensitivity of the assay is 1-10 organisms/swab.
CPT coding 87081
LOINC code 6565-6
Last Updated 6/21/2016 14:25:35
Entry Number 949
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