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Transferrin, beta-2-

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code B2TAU
Test group Transferrin
Performed by Mayo
Sendout? Yes
Method Electrophoresis, Immunofixation-peroxidase antisera/Dimethylformamide visualization
Collection Instructions Collect 0.5 mL of body fluid (nasal, otic, etc.) directly with a pipet, syringe, test tube or microcollection device. If submitting a syringe, remove needle and add cap to end of syringe. If direct collection is not feasible, specimen may be collected using cotton swabs:

A. Place cotton swab in as small a container as possible.

B. Do NOT add any additional fluid to swab including, but not limited to, saline or microcollection fluids.

C. Tightly seal container and freeze.

D. Indicate specimen type on request form.

E. Send specimen frozen in plastic vial.
Container type Small collection tube or cotton swab
Amount to Collect See preferred volume
Sample type Nasal or Otic Fluid discharge.

NOTE: This test should NOT be performed on known CSF samples without approval from a Lab Medicine faculty or resident.
Preferred volume 0.5 mL fluid
Min. Volume 0.05 mL (50 µL) fluid
UCSF Rejection Criteria Samples that are not collected per "Collection Instructions" Syringes received with needle attached.
Processing notes Freeze fluid or swab at -20C. Ship frozen. Order Mayo test # 80351.
Normal range Negative
Synonyms Tau-protein; CSF leak; Transferrin, B2; B2 transferrin; cerebrospinal fluid leakage; Otorrhea, CSF; Rhinorrhea, CSF;
Stability Room temperature unacceptable, refrigerated unacceptable, frozen at -20C, 2 weeks.
Turn around times Performed 6 days per week. Turnaround 3-5 days
Additional information This asialyl variant of transferrin is normally found in CSF but not serum or nasal secretions. Its presence in otic or nasal fluid discharge suggests a leakage of CSF.

False positives may occur due to contamination with aqueous humor, the serum of patients following ingestion of alcohol, and the serum of some normal individuals with a structural variant which displays a similar electrophoretic mobility.
CPT coding 86335-90
LOINC code 13876-8
Last Updated 3/24/2013 7:22:18 PM
Entry Number 940
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