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Transplant DONOR ID Screen+NAT

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code PTXID
Test group Pre-transplant testing
Performed by Creative Testing Solutions & Immunology
Sendout? Yes
In House Availability
Collection Instructions Note that the large 6.0 mL lavender top tubes MUST be used for collection of samples. The smaller 3.0 mL lavender tubes are NOT acceptable.

Do not draw samples for this screening panel on weekends and holidays. Samples drawn on Fridays and the day before holidays must be received in the lab by 12 noon.

Note the collection tubes and amounts listed are for this set of screening tests only. Additional tests cannot be performed on these samples. If additional tests are requested at the same time then additional samples must be collected for them separately.
Container type Lavender top 6 mL x 2, AND Red top 6 mL AND Gold top 5 mL
Amount to Collect 12 mL EDTA whole blood AND
6 mL Red top AND
5 ml Gold top
Sample type EDTA whole blood plus serum
Preferred volume 12 mL EDTA whole blood AND
3 mL Red top serum AND
3 mL Gold top serum
UCSF Rejection Criteria EDTA whole blood collected in 3 mL tubes.
Processing notes Samples are sent out to CTS Monday to Friday afternoon Send-out Processing Department at China Basin infectious disease testing. Do not draw samples for PTXID on weekends and holidays. Samples drawn on Fridays and the day before holidays must be received in the lab by 12 noon.

Do not centrifuge EDTA tubes. Refrigerate all samples and transport at 4C.
Ref Lab Rejection Criteria Samples > 72 hours old on receipt by CTS.
Normal range
Synonyms NAT; nucleic acid testing; Pre-transplant infectious disease screening panel; PTXID
Stability Samples must be received by CTS within 72 hours of collection for donor infectious disease testing.
Turn around times Donor infectious disease testing is sent out to CTS, results are available 48-72 hours after samples are sent out.
Additional information This test package should be ordered for stem cell, tissue and organ donors (including both allogeneic and autologous bone marrow donors). This package includes the infectious disease screening assays mandated for donor screening plus Cytomegalovirus antibody (Total), Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi and nucleic acid testing for Hepatitis B (HBV).

This test package should NOT be ordered on allogeneic recipients. The BMID panel should be ordered instead.

The FDA mandates that blood, tissue, stem cell and organ donors are tested using the PTXID panel including the nucleic acid tests (NAT) for HIV, HCV and WNV. These NAT tests are performed on individual samples and are not pooled (as for blood donors).

Mandated panel (as of December 2005) includes: HBsAg, antibodies to HBcore, HCV, HIV-1/2, HTLV-I/II, Syphilis (RPR), and nucleic acid tests for HIV,HCV,and WNV.

The assays in the Pre-Transplant Infectious Disease Screening are those which are mandated by the FDA and AABB for donor screening. If additional tests are required, they must be ordered in addition to these panels and would be billed separately.

For information about sample send-out call the Processing lab at 353-1667. For questions regarding test results please call the Immunology Laboratory at 353-1712.

For situations requiring emergent testing please call Immunology for details.
CPT coding 87340-90, 86704-90, 86803-90, 86790-90, 86703-90, 86592-90, 87798-90, 87801-90
Last Updated 10/20/2017 5:33:27 PM
Entry Number 771
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