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Parathormone, Intraoperative

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code PTHPR (Pre) & PTHPO (post)
Test group Parathormone
Performed by Parnassus, Mission Bay & Mt. Zion Chemistry
In House Availability
Parnassus 0800-2300 Monday-Friday
Mount Zion 0730-1900 Monday-Friday`
Parnassus Beckman DXI 600 Immunoassay
Mission Bay Beckman DXI 600 Immunoassay
Mount Zion Beckman Access2 Immunoassay
Collection Instructions Any manipulation of either normal or abnormal parathyroid glands or surrounding tissue may result in a transient rise in hormone levels; therefore at least ten minutes should elapse between gland resection or manipulation and collection of samples for testing.
Container type Lavender top
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood
Sample type EDTA whole blood
Preferred volume 2 mL blood
Min. Volume 0.5 mL blood
Ref Lab Rejection Criteria Sample received with needle attached.
Units ng/L
Normal range
Synonyms PTH; IOPTH; Parathyroid hormone
Turn around times 15-30 min
Additional information This test is not applicable for diagnosis and is used solely as an aid in determining the adequacy of parathyroidectomy in patients with hyperparathyroidism. Measures intact PTH molecule.

Samples are taken at baseline (prior to gland manipulation or removal) and again after
resection. A > 50% decrease from baseline suggests adequate parathyroid gland tissue has been resected.

Failure to achieve a > 50% decrease after tissue removal suggests additional hyperfunctional parathyroid tissue is still present.

Patient must be on OR schedule and samples must arrive in the laboratory at Mt. Zion before 1900 hours and at Partnassus before 2300 hours in order to be tested. Samples which arrive after 1900 hours at Mount Zion and 2300 hours at Parnassus will be frozen and tested the next run.

Note:L Serum levels are approximately 15% higher than plasma samples
CPT coding 83970
Last Updated 6/21/2016 14:11:56
Entry Number 726
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