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Galactomannan Antigen

Item Value
Approval req'd? None required for Serum or BAL samples. CSF samples require approval, call x31268
Available Stat? No
Test code GMAN
Performed by Viracor
Sendout? Yes
Method EIA
Collection Instructions To avoid environmental contamination cap tube immediately after collection and do not re-open. Bring samples to lab for processing asap
Container type
Blood Gold top (Must be separate tube)
BAL Capped Plastic tube
CSF CSF tube or sterile collection tube (By approval only)
Amount to Collect
Blood 3 mL
BAL 3 mL
CSF 2 mL
Sample type Serum, Bronchalveolar lavage (BAL)

CSF by approval only, call x31268

Sputum samples are not acceptable.
Preferred volume
Serum 1 mL
BAL 3 mL
CSF 2 mL
Min. Volume
Serum 0.5 mL
BAL 1 mL
CSF 2 mL
UCSF Rejection Criteria Sputum received
Processing notes Serum: Do not open primary tube. Centrifuge sample within 2 hours of collection to pellet cells under gel and freeze entire tube at -20C until shipped. Sample is shipped frozen

BAL: Do not open collection container except in Biosafety cabinet. Freeze sample at -20C upon receipt. Sample is shipped frozen

Order Viracor test #1600
Units Index
Normal range
Negative <0.5 Index
Positive ≥0.5 Index
Synonyms Aspergillus Ag
Turn around times Set up 6x per week. Turnaround 3-5 days
Additional information This assay detects a cell wall antigen of Aspergillus species and other fungi. it may be helpful in identifying patients with disseminated Aspergillosis. Sensitivity 67-100%, Specificity 81-99%. However, given low incidence of disseminated aspergillosis, the positive predictive value is low unless the pre-test probability is relatively high. Should be limited to febrile, neutropenic patients with pulmonary infiltrates in whom no other cause for fever can be found.
CPT coding 87305-90
LOINC code 35383-9
Last Updated 1/22/2016 11:26:51 AM
Entry Number 409
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