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Fecal Fat, Quantitative

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code FATF
Performed by Quest
Sendout? Yes
Method Gravimetric (Quest) or Extraction/spectrophotometry (LabCorp)
Patient Preparation Patient should be on a diet including 100 grams of fat per day for 3 days prior to collection and during collection period. In children, the amount of fat in the diet should be constant for 1 day before the test and during the test. The patient should not have had mineral oil as a laxative prior to specimen
Collection Instructions Keep specimen refrigerated during collection. Place collection container on ice if refrigeration is not possible. Collect stool directly into collection containers. Do not fill any container more than 2/3 full. If another container is necessary (i.e. liquid stool), request second identical type of container from the clinical laboratory.
Container type Non-B&T patients: White plastic 1 gallon container

B&T patients: LabCorp approved paint can with clip locks.

Note: the Red top conatiner with white body (MAYO) is ONLY used for the Alpha-1-Antitrypsin test.
Amount to Collect See preferred volume
Sample type Timed stool collection (24, 48 or 72 hour)
Preferred volume 20 gm
Min. Volume 3 gm
UCSF Rejection Criteria Container not refrigerated during collection. Containers receivced > 2/3 full
Processing notes Record total collection time (24,48 or 72 hours) on test requisition. Request the performing laboratory to report the weight of the stool collection. Freeze entire collection can at -20°C and ship on dry ice to China Basin for sendout.

Order Quest # 455 for non-B&T patients. Order LabCorp test #001354 for B&T patients
Units Total g/24 h
Normal range
Breast fed infant < 1
Child 0-6 years < 2
≥ 18 year old-normal diet < 7
≥ 18 year old-low-fat diet < 4
Synonyms stool fat; stool lipids; fecal lipids
Stability Room temperature 4 days, refrigerated 6 days, frozen at -20C 2 weeks
Turn around times Test performed Monday-Friday. Turnaround time: 7 days.
Additional information Collections of 24 or 48 hours are not recommended since results are subject to greater variability.
CPT coding 82710-90
LOINC code 16142-2
Last Updated 6/21/2016 08:19:42
Entry Number 372
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