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Coccidioides immitis Antibody, Complement fixation

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Utilization Guidelines The Complement fixation (CF) test for antibodies to Coccidioides should be ordered only in patients with a recent positive Immunodiffusion (ID) test.
Test code COCF
Test group Coccidioides immitis Antibody
Performed by UC Davis Coccidiomycosis Laboratory
Sendout? Yes
Method Complement fixation
Container type Gold top, CSF tube or sterile collection tube
Amount to Collect 4 mL blood or 2 mL CSF
Sample type Serum or CSF
Preferred volume 2 mL serum or CSF
UCSF Rejection Criteria Hemolyzed samples
Processing notes Send out to UC Davis Coccidioidomycosis Serology Laboratory, School of Medicine, Room 3144 Tupper Hall, West Science Drive, University of California, Davis, CA 95616 (By Courier)
Units See notes
Normal range Negative
Turn around times Test run twice per week. Results available in 3-7 days
Additional information UCDCF Results reported as 4+, 3+, 2+, 1+, or 0 at a given serial dilution of the specimen.

4+ is significant (or 3+ provided the immunodiffusion is also positive). 2+ and 1+ are not significant. A rising titer is unfavorable. A titer of > 1:16 in the serum is often associated with metapulmonary dissemination, but a lower titer can be associated limited dissemination e.g., single osseous or cutaneous lesion of meningeal involvement.

Samples that are anticomplementary or hemolyzed cannot be assayed by this method; use the immunodiffusion assay instead. Rise in titer is significant and parallels severity. Test is relatively specific, but rare cross-reactions may occur with blastomyces or histoplasma infections. Low CSF titers may occasionally be present, in the absence of meningitis, due to passive spill-over from extremely high serum titers.
CPT coding 86171-90
Last Updated 6/21/2016 07:58:35
Entry Number 243
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