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Aldosterone, serum

Item Value
Test Update Information Method changed from LC/MS/MS (Quest) platform to Diasorin Liaison XL platform on 6/7/2017. No changes to reference range.
Available Stat? No
Test code ALDO
Test group Aldosterone
Performed by Chemistry China Basin
Sendout? No
In House Availability Test performed once a week (Tuesdays)
Method Chemiluminescent Immunoassay - Diasorin Liaison XL
Collection Instructions Draw "upright" samples at least 1/2 hour after patient sits up. Bring samples immediately to laboratory for processing.
Container type Red Top (preferred) or Gold Top (acceptable)
Amount to Collect 3 mL blood
Sample type blood
Preferred volume 1 mL serum
Min. Volume 400 mL serum
Units ng/dL
Normal range ADULT (≥ 18 year olds):
Upright 8:00-10:00 am < 29 ng/dL
Upright 4:00-6:00 pm < 22 ng/dL
Supine 8:00-10:00 am 3-16 ng/dL

Adult reference range adopted from Quest Diagnostics and verified in-house by running lab personnel.

1-12 months 2-70 ng/dL
1-4 years 2-37 ng/dL
5-9 years < 10 ng/dL
10-13 years < 22 ng/dL
14-17 years < 36 ng/dL
Premature infants (31-35 weeks) < 145 ng/dL
Term infants < 218 ng/dL

Tanner Stages II-III 1 - 13 ng/dL 2 - 20 ng/dL
Tanner Stages IV-V 3 - 14 ng/dL 4 - 32 ng/dL

Pediatric reference range adopted from Quest Diagnostics.
Synonyms Aldosterone, S
Stability Stable for 5 days at 2-8C (refrigerated).
Stable for 4 weeks at -20C (frozen).
Additional information To convert ng/dL to nmol/L (SI units) multiply by 0.0277
CPT coding 82088
LOINC code 1763-2
Last Updated 6/12/2017 9:26:41 AM
Entry Number 223
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