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Cell Count and Differential, CSF

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? Yes
Test code CCDC
Test group Cell Count and Differential
Performed by Parnassus & Mission Bay Hematology
In House Availability Test available 24 hours per day 7 days per week
Method Hemocytometer for count and Wright stained cytocentrifuge preparation for diferential
Collection Instructions Number tubes in order of withdrawal; deliver IMMEDIATELY. Do not use Lavender top, which will alter cellular morphology. Specimen label must contain the date and time the sample was collected and the legible name of the person who collected the sample.

Cerobrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens should be transported at ambient temperature as soon as possible after collection. Cellular degeneration of CSF can begin within one hour of collection.
Container type LP kit tube #3 preferred, sterile collection tube acceptable
Amount to Collect See preferred volume
Sample type CSF
Preferred volume 1 mL CSF
Processing notes Deliver to Hematology right after sample is received and entered in Sunquest.
Units x106/L (this is equivalent to /mm3 or /µL)
Normal range
Appearance Clear
Xanthochromia Negative
WBC < 6 x106/L
RBC None
Neutrophils None

A reference range has not been established by the UCSF Clinical Laboratory for CSF WBC differential, except for neutrophil parameter. Clinical correlation required for interpretation.
Critical value Samples positive for microorganisms
Stability Specimen should be evaluated within two (2) hours of collection. Cellular degeneration of CSF can occur within one hour of collection.
Turn around times Stat 1 hour, Routine 2 hours
Additional information Count is performed on 3rd tube unless otherwise specified. Count not performed on first tube if it is grossly more bloody than tube #3 or if tube #3 count is < 7 RBC x106/L.

Note: Cell differentials are performed on a concentrated sample. Therefore a differential can be reported even if the WBC is 0 x 106/L

If unusual findings are noted a pathologist review and interpretation may be performed and separately billed for
CPT coding 89051
LOINC code 34564-5
Last Updated 12/3/2015 12:00:50 PM
Entry Number 178
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