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Item Value
Available Stat? No
Test code SUPSAT
Performed by ARUP
Sendout? YES
Method Quantitative Spectrophotometry/Quantitative Enzymatic/Quantitative Ion-Selective Electrode
Collection Instructions 24-hour urine. Refrigerate during collection.
Container type 24 HOUR URINE CONTAINER
Amount to Collect 24 HOUR URINE
Sample type URINE
Preferred volume 24 HOUR URINE OUTPUT
Min. Volume 16 mL
Processing notes Transport four separate 4 mL aliquots from a well-mixed 24-hour urine collection using Calculi Risk/Supersaturation Urine Collection Kit (ARUP supply# 46007). Aliquot according to the following specifications:
1st aliquot (pH 2): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sulfamic Acid Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.
2nd aliquot (pH 2): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sulfamic Acid Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.
3rd aliquot (pH 9): Transfer 4 mL urine into a Sodium Carbonate Tube. (Min: 4 mL) Mix well.
4th aliquot: Transfer 4 mL urine into an Unpreserved Tube. (Min: 4 mL)
Freeze specimens immediately after aliquoting. Do not exceed 4 mL in tubes.
If collection kit is unavailable, transport four 4 mL unadjusted aliquots of urine.
Ref Lab Rejection Criteria Any specimen other than 24 hour urine collection.
Normal range Please see ARUP website for reference intervals
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Stability Ambient: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: Unacceptable; Frozen: 2 weeks
Turn around times 1-8 days
Additional information Use for kidney stone risk assessment and monitoring; includes interpretation of data. Panel includes calcium, chloride, citric acid, creatinine, magnesium, oxalate, pH, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sulfate, and uric acid.
CPT coding 82340-90; 82436-90; 82507-90; 84560-90; 83735-90; 83945-90; 84105-90; 84133-90; 84300-90; 84392-90; 83986-90
Last Updated 6/15/2017 9:28:53 AM
Entry Number 1775
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