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AFB Respiratory Culture

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code P285R
Test group Mycobacteria
Performed by Microbiology
In House Availability Daily, day shift
Method Culture
Collection Instructions Sputum: Collect 3 separate sputum samples in 8-12 hour intervals, including at least one early morning sample.

Sputum samples collected < 8 hours apart are pooled & tested as a single specimen.
Container type Urine cup or sterilecontainer
Amount to Collect
Sputum 5 mL
BAL or Bronchial wash 10 mL
Sample type Sputum, BAL, bronchial wash
Preferred volume
Sputum 5 mL
BAL or Bronchial wash 10 mL
Min. Volume
Sputum 1 mL
BAL or Bronchial wash 2 mL
Processing notes Sputum: Before accessioning, check if a sample was submitted earlier. If earlier sample was collected < 8 hours apart from the sample just received, call China Basin to check if earlier sample has been processed.

1. If earlier sample has not been processed, TND as duplicate and enter code AFPOOL. Inform submitting location that the sample is being pooled with the prior sample, and to collect an additional sputum. Affix a note to the sample stating "Pool sample for AFB with (accession # of earlier sample)".

2. If earlier sample has been processed, TND as duplicate and freetext "Collect sputa for AFB culture 8 hours apart".

Bronchial lavage/wash: Aliquot the maximum amount of specimen available (>10 mL) into a blue top centrifuge tube.

Bronchial brush:
1. Use sterile forceps to transfer brush to a 50 ml blue-topped centrifuge tube.

2. Add NPC 67 Neutralizing buffer to make a total volume of 2 ml.
3. Vortex thoroughly to expel specimen from the brush and then remove brush from tube.
Normal range No AFB isolated
Critical value Inpatient results only. After hours outpatient results will be phoned the following morning.
First positive AFB smear, first positive AFB culture if smear negative or no smear, or first isolate of M. tuberculosis; Repeat call only for positive sample from different site or > 2 months since initial call.
Synonyms TB culture; AFB culture; tuberculosis; atypical mycobacteria; MAC; mycobacteriaum avium intercellulare complex; MAI
Stability Refrigerated 3 days.
Turn around times Up to 7 weeks
Reflex? Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex DNA is automatically performed on respiratory specimens with positive smears, and billed separately.
Additional information Smears will be performed on respiratory samples. Separate charges will be billed for AFB smear and AFB culture. Additional charges will be billed for decontamination of samples from nonsterile sites.
CPT coding 87116, 87206, 87015
Last Updated 9/29/2017 5:20:48 PM
Entry Number 1655
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