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Autoimmune Encephalopathy panel, serum

Item Value
Available Stat? No
Test code ENCES
Performed by Mayo
Sendout? Yes
Container type Red top or Gold top
Amount to Collect 8 mL blood
Sample type Serum
Preferred volume 4 mL serum
Min. Volume 2 mL serum
UCSF Rejection Criteria Gross hemolysis
Processing notes Aliquot and freeze serum. Ship to CB frozen. Order Mayo test code ENCES
Ref Lab Rejection Criteria Gross hemolysis
Normal range
Stability Room temperature 3 days, refrigerated or frozen 4 weeks.
Turn around times 4-10 days
Reflex? The following tests may be reflexively added and billed for based on screening results if appropriate:

Amphiphysin Western blot
CRMP-5 Western blot confirmation
Paraneoplastic autoantibody Western blot confirmation
AMPAR-Ab titer
GABAR-Ab titer
NMDAR-Ab titer
Additional information May be useful for evaluating new onset encephalopathy (noninfectious or metabolic) comprising confusional states, psychosis, delirium, memory loss, hallucinations, movement disorders, sensory or motor complaints, seizures, dyssomnias, ataxias, nausea, vomiting, inappropriate antidiuresis, coma, dysautonomias, or hypoventilation

Testing includes testing for ther following Ab's:

ACh receptor (muscle) binding antibody
AChR ganglionic neuronal antibody
Neuronal VGKC autoantibody
N-type calcium channel antibody
P/Q-type calcium channel antibody
Amphiphysin Western blot (if appropriate)
CRMP-5 Western blot confirmation (if appropriate)
Paraneoplastic autoantibody Western blot confirmation (if appropriate)
NMO/AQP4-IgG CBA (if appropriate)
AMPAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
GABAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
NMDAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
CPT coding 83519-90 ACh receptor (muscle) binding antibody
83519-90 AChR ganglionic neuronal antibody
83519-90 Neuronal VGKC autoantibody
83519-90 N-type calcium channel antibody
83519-90 P/Q-type calcium channel antibody
86256-90 AGNA-1
86256-90 Amphiphysin
86256-90 ANNA-1
86256-90 ANNA-2
86256-90 ANNA-3
86256-90 CRMP-5-IgG
86256-90 PCA-1
86256-90 PCA-2
86256-90 PCA-Tr
86255-90 AMPAR-Ab
86255-90 GABAR-Ab
86255-90 NMDAR-Ab
84182-90 Amphiphysin Western blot (if appropriate)
84182-90 CRMP-5 Western blot confirmation (if appropriate)
84182-Paraneoplastic autoantibody Western blot confirmation (if appropriate)
86255-90 NMO/AQP4-IgG CBA (if appropriate)
86256-90 AMPAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
86256-90 GABAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
86256-90 NMDAR-Ab titer (if appropriate)
LOINC code 53709-2, 33927-5, 13997-2, 43188-2, 33924-2, 11034-6 , 33979-6, 33980-4, 35386-2, 42233-7, 30347-9, 33925-9 , 53717-5, 33926-7, 41871-5
Last Updated 7/6/2015 8:35:37 AM
Entry Number 1635
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