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Calcitonin Stimulation Test

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code CATN x mult
Test group Calcitonin
Performed by Quest performs calcitonin testing
Sendout? Yes
Patient Preparation An 8 hour fast before specimen collection is preferred
Collection Instructions Pentagastrin stimulation: Collect specimens taken before and 1, 2 and 5 minutes after the administration iv over 5 seconds of 0.5 µg/kg.

Pentagastrin/Calcium Infusion: Give 2 mg/kg iv of elemental calcium (usually as the gluconate) at a constant rate over 1 min; followed immediately with iv pentagastrin as described above. Collect specimens at the same times.
Container type
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood per sample
Sample type Serum
Preferred volume 1 mL serum
Min. Volume 0.5 mL serum
Processing notes Process individual specimens as described above; be sure to enter any descriptive information supplied.

Freeze separated serum at -20C. Order Quest # 30742X
Units pg/mL
Normal range Normal response:
Pentagastrin alone Male Female
1 or 2 min ≤ 106 pg/mL ≤ 29 pg/mL
at 5 min ≤ 106 pg/mL ≤ 23 pg/mL

Ca++ & Pentagastrin Male Female
at 1 min ≤ 324 pg/mL ≤ 41 pg/mL
at 2 min 10-491 pg/mL ≤ 70 pg/mL
at 5 min 8-343 pg/mL ≤ 39 pg/mL
at 10 min ≤ 112 pg/mL ≤ 23 pg/mL
Turn around times Test set up Tuesday-Saturday. Turnaround time: 5-8 days
Additional information The combined stimuli are usually reserved for those who do not respond to pentagastrin alone.
Last Updated 6/16/2008 3:04:56 PM
Entry Number 160
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