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Busulfan Pharmacokinetics, Pediatric (Non-Research)

Item Value
Test Update Information Effective 04/02/2013, busulfan testing will be performed in-house at China Basin Chemistry using LC-MS/MS.

The results from this method will be approximately 7% higher than the results from the University of Pennsylvania.
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test group Busulfan
Performed by China Basin Chemistry
In House Availability Run Monday-Friday AM with prior notice
Method Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)
Collection Instructions Samples should only be collected Monday through Friday and the collection MUST be completed and the last sample delivered to the laboratory by 5:00AM in order to provide results the same day.

Testing should be ordered in APeX. Complete the busulfan information sheet in APeX including the patient's weight, dose, dose number, exact time of the start and end of the infusion and approximate draw times for each sample.

The first sample should be drawn immediately before the start of the IV infusion. The second sample should be drawn immediately after termination of the IV infusion and the remaining 4 samples collected at 15, 30, 120 and 240 minutes after the end of the infusion. Each patient sample should have a patient registration label affixed to it, and the EXACT time of collection should be written on the label. Hand carry the sample to lab on ice. Make sure to notify lab staff that you are delivering a Busulfan sample, DO NOT simply leave it at the desk.

Busulfan is unstable therefore EACH sample must be transported on ice to the laboratory immediately after collection for processing and freezing

Click here for UCSF Pediatric Busulfan Information Sheet
Container type Dark green top on ice x6 drawn at specific times
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood for each sample
Sample type Heparinized plasma
Preferred volume 1 ml heparinized plasma for each sample
Min. Volume 1 ml heparinized plasma for each sample
UCSF Rejection Criteria Sample not received on ice. Not collected in Dark green top tube.
Processing notes Samples must be processed immediately upon receipt. When the samples arrive, receive them in Sunquest with the EXACT collection time as hand-written on the label. Place a Sunquest label on the tube. Spin sample down immediately in refrigerated centrifuge, aliquot 1 mL into plastic vial and label with the exact time of collection then freeze at -70C. Contact Special Chemistry at China Basin to alert them that a Busulfan is being processed (415-353-4820).

As additional samples arrive receive them in Sunquest under Order/Receipt Modify. Then process each sample as above.
When all six samples have been processed, send them on dry ice to China Basin Chemistry.

NOTE:The back-up laboratory for this test is at the University of Pennsylvania Toxicology Laboratory. A busulfan information sheet for the University of Pennsylvania needs to be completed for each set of samples: Click here for UPenn form

Using the information entered in Apex for this patient, complete the busulfan information sheet (e.g. the dose, dose number, infusion start time, infusion stop time and EXACT collection time of each sample). Insert the name and the pager or phone number of the doctor who ordered the busulfan testing in the results reporting box. Call the University of Pennsylvania Toxicology Laboratory at 1-215-662-3474 to let them know that we will be sending them busulfan samples. Ship the samples on dry ice with the busulfan information sheet to the University of Pennsylvania Toxicology Laboratory.
Busulfan concentration in each individual sample ng/mL
Steady state concentration (Css) ng/mL
Area under the curve (AUC) µmol*min
Normal range
Area Under the Curve 900-1350 µmol*min
Steady state concentration (Css) 600-900 ng/mL
Synonyms Busulfex
Before separation from cells Refrigerated (4C) for 24 hours
After separation from cells Frozen (-70C) for 2 years.
Turn around times Results available same day by 1300 hours
Additional information Chemistry China Basin will report the busulfan concentration of each sample, the Area Under the Curve (AUC) and a steady state concentration (Css).

For questions contact China Basin Chemistry at 415 353 4820
CPT coding 80299 x number of samples tested
LDT or Mod FDA? Yes
Last Updated 8/15/2014 12:46:43 PM
Entry Number 1536
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