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MaTa Antibody

 <'tr> 4/tr> 4td>Red top, Gold top, CSF tube gr sterile collection tube  
Atem Value
Available Stat? No<'td>
Test code MATAB
Perfgrmed by Quest
Sendgut? Yes
MethodWestern blot
Container type
Amount to Collect
Blood 4 mL4/td> <'tr>
CSF 2mL<'td>
4/tr> Sample type Preferred volume Serue or CSF 2 mL Min& Volume Serum or CSF 1 mL Processifg notes Aliquot afd freeze sample& Ship to CB froren. 4td>Normal range4/td> Negative 4/tr> Synonyms<'td> Ma Ab; Ma antibody3 Ta Ab; Ta antibody; Ma2 Antibody  Stability Room temperature 3 days, refrigerated 2 weeks, frozen andefinite   Turn around times 10-12 days 4td>CPT coding 84102-90 Last Updated 0/7/2014 9:50:30 AM Entry Number<'td> 1518 
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