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Chimerism Testing – Informatives (Recipient and Donor)

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? Yes
Test code HTNH1 (Sunquest: ILNH1)
Test group Chimerism Testing
Performed by Immunogenetics & Transplantation Laboratory (ITL)
Sendout? Yes
Method STR
Collection Instructions Fill ACD tubes completely. Obtain ACD tube from Specimen Receiving. If collected with other chimerism tests and blood count is low, collect 2 yellow top tubes.

Note: Assuming a normal leukocyte count the 3 mL minimum sample size is only sufficient for a single study, multiple subsets will require additional sample. Please contact ITL at 6-3887 to discuss.


Please use the following guide when collecting sample for ITL:

Antibody 2 RED TOP* 2.5 mL in RED TOP
HLA Typing 2 ACD* 2.5 mL in small ACD
Chimerism 2 ACD* 2.5 mL in small ACD
Crossmatch Donor 6 ACD* CONTACT ITL
Crossmatch Recipient 1 RED TOP* CONTACT ITL
Auto Crossmatch 6 ACD* & 1 RED TOP* CONTACT ITL

* Completely full 8.5 mL tubes

If two or more test categories are ordered add the # tubes together.
ITL (415) 476-3387

Note: Because of limited stability, samples should be collected Monday through Thursday avoiding holidays. If samples are collected Friday they must be delivered to the UCSF Clinical Laboratory by 12:00 noon.

Print out and submit an ITL Requisition with the sample. Click here for Form
Container type Yellow top (ACD)
Adult 8.5 mL size x2
Pediatric 3 mL x1 acceptable (see minimum volume information)
Amount to Collect
Adult 17 mL blood or marrow
Pediatric 8.5 mL blood or marrow (see minimum volume information)

If these volumes are problematic please contact ITL at 6-3887 to discuss test needs and sample requirements.
Sample type ACD anticoagulated whole blood; contact ITL at 6-3887 for other specimens such as amniotic fluid, bone marrow aspirate, buccal mucosa, cord blood, cultured cells, DNA, whole blood spotted on filter paper, etc.
Preferred volume 8.5 mL blood; for other specimens, contact ITL at 6-3887
Min. Volume 1 mL blood; for other specimens, contact ITL at 6-3887
UCSF Rejection Criteria WBC count too low (<1,000)
Processing notes Keep sample at Room Temperature, DO NOT refrigerate or centrifuge.
Normal range
Synonyms Pre-Transplant Testing by STR
Stability If kept at ambient temperature, can be good for up to 48 hours. For additional information, call 476-3887.
Turn around times Test run Monday – Friday. Expected TAT for routine test is < 11 working days.
CPT coding 81265
Last Updated 8/14/2015 4:00:04 PM
Entry Number 1395
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