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B. pertussis/parapertussis DNA

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code P355
Performed by Focus Diagnostics
Sendout? Yes
Method Real time PCR
Collection Instructions Nasopharyngeal swab: Use flocked swab/Universal Transport Medium for collection. Insert swab into the nostril, gently rotating the swab inward until resistance is met at the level of the turbinates. Rotate the swab a few times against the nasopharyngeal wall (approximately 10 sec) and then withdraw swab. Insert swab into container with Universal Transport Medium. Break end of swab so top of vial can be screwed on securely. Appropriately label specimen and send to the laboratory.
Container type
Nasopharyngeal swab Flocked swab in Universal Transport Medium (UTM)
Nasal wash or nasal aspirate Sterile container
Amount to Collect
Nasopharyngeal swab 1 flocked swab
Nasal wash or nasal aspirate 1 mL
Sample type Nasopharyngeal swab (preferred), nasal wash or nasal aspirate
Preferred volume
Nasopharyngeal swab 1 flocked swab
Nasal wash or nasal aspirate 1 mL
Min. Volume
Nasopharyngeal swab 1 flocked swab
Nasal wash or nasal aspirate 0.5 mL
Processing notes Freeze sample at -70C, trasnsport on dry ice
Normal range Not Detected
Critical value Positive for Bordetella spp.
Synonyms Whooping Cough; Haemophilus pertussis; Bordetella pertussis PCR; Bordetella parapertussis; Bordetella pertussis DNA
Stability Frozen at -70C, 30 days
Turn around times 3-5 days
Additional information This assay is based upon the use of real-time PCR amplification of specific genomic DNA sequences to differentially detect B. pertussis and B. parapertussis.

This is the most sensitive and specific assay for the presence of B. pertussis, and is preferable to direct FA and culture, which are no longer offered; each of the latter is about 50% as sensitive and in combination are only 60-70% as sensitive.
CPT coding 87798-90 x 2
LOINC code 62428-8
Last Updated 6/24/2016 12:14:28
Entry Number 135
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