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Metanephrines, random urine

Item Value
Available Stat? No
Test code METNR
Test group Metanephrines
Performed by Quest
Sendout? Yes
Method LC/MS/MS
Patient Preparation Patient should avoid tobacco, tea, coffee, for 3 days prior to specimen collection.

It is preferable for the patient to be off medications for 3 days prior to collection.

Common antihypertensives (diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, alpha and beta blockers) cause minimal or no interference. Medications which are alpha agonists (Aldomet), alpha blockers (Dibenzyline) should be avoided 18-24 hrs prior to specimen collection.
Container type Uirne cup
Amount to Collect 5 mL urine
Sample type Random urine
Preferred volume 5 mL urine
Min. Volume 1.5 mL urine
Processing notes Acidify urine to pH < 3.0 with 6N HCl. Freeze acidified urine at -20C Order Quest test #14961X
Units µg/g creatinine
Normal range Metanephrine:
3 mo-4 years Not established
5-9 years 106-257 µg/g creatinine
10-13 years 34-357 µg/g creatinine
14-17 years 24-302 µg/g creatinine
18-29 years 39-146 µg/g creatinine
30-39 years 32-134 µg/g creatinine
40-49 years 33-192 µg/g creatinine
≥50 years 21-153 µg/g creatinine

3 months-4 years Not Established
5-9 years 149-781 µg/g creatinine
10-13 years 38-523 µg/g creatinine
14-17 years 14-302 µg/g creatinine
18-29 years 91-365 µg/g creatinine
30-39 years 67-390 µg/g creatinine
40-49 years 85-514 µg/g creatinine
≥50 years 108-524 µg/g creatinine

Total metanephrines:
3 months-4 years Not Established
5-9 years 255-1167 µg/g creatinine
10-13 years 86-845 µg/g creatinine
14-17 years 39-578 µg/g creatinine
18-29 years 156-442 µg/g creatinine
30-39 years 94-445 µg/g creatinine
40-49 years 155-608 µg/g creatinine
≥50 years 149-603 µg/g creatinine
Stability Acidified urine: Room temperature 1 week, refrigerated 8 days, frozen at -20C 1 month
CPT coding 82570-90, 83835-90
LOINC code 13771-1
Last Updated 3/24/2013 7:58:03 PM
Entry Number 1191
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