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Pneumococcal IgG Antibodies (6 serotypes)

Item Value
Approval req'd? No
Available Stat? No
Test code APN6
Test group Pneumococcal
Performed by Quest
Sendout? Yes
Method Multiple Analyte Immuno Detection (MAID)
Collection Instructions Pneumococcal vaccine response testing should be performed with paired pre- and post-vaccination sera. Please indicate on request form if the specimen is pre- or post-vaccination collections. Label samples "PRE" or "POST".
Container type Gold top, Red top
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood
Sample type Serum
Preferred volume 1 mL serum
Min. Volume 0.5 ml serum
Processing notes Freeze aliquot at -20C. Order Quest test #34263X
Units µg/mL (mcg/mL)
Normal range See additional information
Synonyms Pneumococcal serology
Stability Room temperature 7 days, refrigerated 14 days, frozen at -20C 1 month.
Additional information Serotypes tested for include: 1, 3, 14, 19 (19F), 23 (23F), 51 (7F)

Note: Serotype designations are American nomenclature, with Danish nomenclature in parenthesis.

The protective concentration of S.pneumoniae antibodies remains undefined. Evaluation of the pneumococcal vaccine response is best accomplished by comparing pre-vaccination and post-vaccination antibody levels. A 2-4 fold increase in type-specific antibodies measured after 4-6 weeks after vaccination is expected in immunocompetent adults. The number of serotypes for which a 2-to-4 fold increase is observed varies greatly among individuals, and no distinct response pattern has been linked to protection. Adults > 65 years old may exhibit a smaller (< 2-fold) increase in type-specific antibody levels.
CPT coding 86317-90 x6
LOINC code 42771-6
Last Updated 9/30/2011 12:21:56 PM
Entry Number 1081
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