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Testosterone, Total, Pediatric

Item Value
Test Update Information Effective May 1, 2012, pediatric testosterone testing will now be performed in-house at China Basin Chemistry using the same methodology as Quest (LC-MS/MS). Above 40 ng/dL, results may change by up to 20% compared to those obtained using the previous method. Also, please note that the reference ranges have changed.
Available Stat? No
Test code PTES
Test group Testosterone
Performed by China Basin Chemistry
In House Availability Thursday
Method LC/MS/MS
Container type Red top (Gold top NOT acceptable)
Amount to Collect 2 mL blood
Sample type Serum
Preferred volume 1 mL serum
Min. Volume 0.5 mL serum
UCSF Rejection Criteria Collected in Gold top
Processing notes Centrifuge samples aliquot serum and refrigerate
Units ng/dL
Normal range
Age Males Females
Premature (26-28 weeks) 59-125 ng/dL 5-16 ng/dL
Premature (31-35 weeks) 37-198 ng/dL 5-22 ng/dL
Newborn 75-400 ng/dL 20-64 ng/dL
1-5 months 14-363 ng/dL < 20 ng/dL
6-24 months < 37 ng/dL < 9 ng/dL
2-3 years < 15 ng/dL < 20 ng/dL
4-5 years < 19 ng/dL < 30 ng/dL
6-7 years < 13 ng/dL < 7 ng/dL
8-9 years 2-8 ng/dL 1-11 ng/dL
10-11 years 2-165 ng/dL 3-32 ng/dL
12-13 years 3-619 ng/dL 6-50 ng/dL
14-15 years 31-733 ng/dL 6-52 ng/dL
16-17 years 158-826 ng/dL 9-58 ng/dL
18-39 years 300-1080 ng/dL 9-55 ng/dL
40-59 years 300-890 ng/dL 9-55 ng/dL
60 years and older 300-720 ng/dL 5-32 ng/dL

Tanner Stage Males Females
Tanner Stage I 2-15 ng/dL 2-17 ng/dL
Tanner Stage II 3-303 ng/dL 5-40 ng/dL
Tanner Stage III 10-851 ng/dL 10-63 ng/dL
Tanner Stage IV-V 162-847 ng/dL 11-62 ng/dL
Synonyms Testosterone ultrasensitive
Refrigerated serum on cells 3 days
Refrigerated serum 2 weeks
Frozen serum 3 years
Turn around times Test run once per week. Turnaround time 2-8 days
Additional information This assay is primarily intended for testing in pediatric patients with suspected or complex endocrine abnormalities or in settings where very low levels of testosterone are expected. For routine testing in adult patients, order "Testosterone" (test code TTES).

Testing may be helpful in assessing testicular function in males and managing hirsutism, virilization in females. Measurement of testosterone by LC/MS/MS overcomes interferences and the known limitations of direct immunoassays in measurement of testosterone values in the lower range. These advantages are particularly relevant for assessment of testosterone in women, children/infants, and men on testosterone reduction therapy for prostate cancer.

Reference ranges adapted from ARUP Laboratories (Clin Chem 2010; 56(7):1138-1147) based on patient correlation studies comparing this LC/MSMS method with the ARUP method and by in-house testing of 20 normal male and 20 normal female volunteers in the UCSF Chemistry laboratory at China Basin.
CPT coding 84403
LOINC code 51005-7
LDT or Mod FDA? Yes
Last Updated 6/14/2016 3:20:55 PM
Entry Number 1036
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