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Clinical Question: Does my patient have drug-induced thrombocytopenia (including HIT)?

Item Value
ID 10
Question Does my patient have drug-induced thrombocytopenia (including HIT)?
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AlgorithmDescription "Evaluation of drug induced thrombocytopenia includes:
1. Review of the 4Ts to assess pretest probability,
2. Perform HPF4 ELISA for all stratification levels. A low 4T score and negative HPF4 could suggest decreased possibility of HIT.
3. Order SRA or other functional platelet assays. "
ICD10 D69.5,D69.6,D69.1,D69.8,D69.2
PubMedID 12965896,22422328, 20665476, 23606934


Tests associated with this clinical question:

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ID Test Code Test Name Comment
51 HIPAB Heparin-PF4 Complex Antibodies (Revised Test) Test should be performed only after reviewing clinical risk factors (4 T's) and before performing a serotonin release assay (SRA).
52 SRAU Serotonin Release Assay This test must be done after positive HPF4 (platelet factor 4) antibody result.
53 AGGR Platelet Aggregation Not used often, but applicable when desiring to evaluate platelet function.
54 MOLT Misc. Outside Laboratory Test Platelet Microparticle Generation assay is a research test. Flow cytometry assay. Good correlation with SRA and clinical outcome.
55 PLT, CBC , CBCD, PLTM Platelet Count Not Specified


Clinical Algorithm:

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