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Current Residents

Current Residents (Last Updated on 1 January 2014)
Name Email Program PGY Medical School
Dana Balitzer, MD dana.balitzer@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 1 University of California, San Diego
Jamal Benhamida, MD jamal.benhamida@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 2 University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Benjamin Daniel Buelow, MD, PhD benjamin.buelow@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 University of Washington
Brianne Daniels, DO brianne.daniels@ucsf.edu AP/CP 1 Touro Un Col Of Osteopathic Medicine, Vallejo
Jonathan Esensten, MD, PhD jonathan.esensten@ucsf.edu CP 2 University of California, San Francisco
Jessica M. Farrell, DO jessica.farrell@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 Touro Un Col Of Osteopathic Medicine, Henderson
Jessica Finn, MD jessica.finn@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 5 New York University
Brandie Firetag, MD brandie.firetag@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 6 University of South Carolina
Gillian Genrich, MD gillian.genrich@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 4 George Washington University
Patricia Goldhoff, MD patricia.goldhoff@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 Washington University, Saint Louis, MO
Charity Hope, MD charity.hope@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 4 University of California, Davis
Cyril Jacquot, MD, PhD cyril.jacquot@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 University of Illinois Urbana
Yuna Kang, MD yuna.kang@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 University of Illinois Chicago
Manana Kvezereli, MD, PhD manana.kvezereli@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 2 Tbilisi State Medical University
Ursula Lang, MD, PhD ursula.lang@ucsfmedctr.org AP 1 Mount Sinai
Christopher Liverman, MD, PhD christopher.liverman@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 4 University of Kansas
Joshua Menke, MD joshua.menke@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 University of Florida
Michelle Moh, MD michelle.moh@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 1 Drexel University
Amber Nolan, MD, PhD amber.nolan@ucsfmedctr.org AP/NP 2 University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Dianna Ng, MD dianna.ng@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 3 New York University
Christy Perez-Valles, MD christy.perez-valles@ ucsf.edu AP/CP 2 University of California, San Francisco
Anna Plourde, MD anna.plourde@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 2 Universtiy of Massachusetts
Jeannette Ruiz, MD jeannette.ruiz@ ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 1 University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas
Carolyn Sangokoya, MD, PhD carolyn.sangokoya@ucsfmedctr.org AP 2 Duke University
Tara Saunders, MD tara.saunders@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 5 University of Arizona
David Solomon, MD, PhD david.solomon@ucsfmedctr.org AP/NP 2 Georgetown University
Jonee Taylor, MD jonee.taylor@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 2 University of California, Los Angeles
Alexander C. Thurman, MD alexander.thurman@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 2 Vanderbilt University
Tab Toochinda, MD tab.toochinda@ucsfmedctr.org CP 3 University of Pittsburgh
Christos Tsokos, MD, PhD christos.tsokos@ucsfmedctr.org AP 1 Harvard Medical School
Sarah Umetsu, MD, PhD sarah.umetsu@ucsfmedctr.org AP 2 Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Emily Waterhouse, MD, PhD emily.waterhouse@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 1 Georgetown University
Matthew Wood, MD, PhD matthew.wood@ucsfmedctr.org AP/NP 2 Dartmouth Medical School

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