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Current Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Fellows (Last Updated on 01 July 2015)
Name Email Program PGY Previous Residency or Fellowship
Rocky Adams, MD rocky.adams@ucsf.edu GI/Liver 6 University of Utah
Brad Barrows, DO brad.barrows@ucsf.edu Surgpath 5 Baylor College of Medicine, TX
Benjamin Daniel Buelow, MD, PhD benjamin.buelow@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of Washington
Won-Tak Choi, MD, PhD won-tak.choi@ucsf.edu GI/Liver 5 University of Washington
Jessica M. Farrell, DO jessica.farrell@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 Touro University-College of Osteopathic Medicine, Henderson
Patricia Goldhoff, MD patricia.goldhoff@ucsf.edu Cytopath 5 Washington University, Saint Louis, MO
Anthony Halfacre, MD james.halfacre@ucsf.com Surgpath 6 University of New Mexico
Brian Hinds, MD, MS brian.hinds@ucsfmedctr.org Dermpath 6 University of Louisville
Charity Hope, MD charity.hope@ucsfmedctr.org Dermpath 5 University of California, Davis
Cyril Jacquot, MD, PhD cyril.jacquot@ucsfmedctr.org Blood Bank 5 University of Illinois Urbana
Yuna Kang, MD yuna.kang@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of Illinois Chicago
Suzan Kavusi, MD susan.kavusi@ucsf.edu Surgpath 5 UC San Diego
Christopher Liverman, MD, PhD christopher.liverman@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 5 University of Kansas
Cheryl Mather, MD cheryl.mather@ucsf.edu Molecular Pathology 6 University of Washington
Dianna Ng, MD dianna.ng@ucsfmedctr.org Cytopath 5 NYU School of Medicine
Amber Nolan, MD, PhD amber.nolan@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 5 University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
David Solomon, MD, PhD david.solomon@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 6 Georgetown University
Rebecca Wolsky, MD rebecca.wolsky@ucsfmedctr.org Gyn Path 6 University of Chicago
Matthew Wood, MD, PhD matthew.wood@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 6 Dartmouth Medical School
Zhen Yan, MD, PhD zhen.yan@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath Fellow with Subspecialty 5 University of Texas Southwestern

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