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Current Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Fellows (Last Updated on 01 July 2014)
Name Email Program PGY Previous Residency or Fellowship
Sanda Alexandrescu, MD sanda.alexandrescu@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 6 Children's Hospital Boston
Nhu Thuy Can, MD nhuthuy.can@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of Chicago
Li Cheng, PhD li.cheng@ucsf.edu ABMG Clinical Cytogenetics Johns Hopkins University
Jennifer Colby, PhD jennifer.colby@ucsfmedctr.org SFGH Clinical Chemistry University of California, Berkeley
Jennifer Cotter, MD jennifer.cotter@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 6 University of Southern California
Jonathan Esensten, MD, PhD jonathan.esensten@ucsf.edu Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine 5 University of California, San Francisco
Vijay George, MD vijay.george@ucsfmedctr.org Cytopath 5 University of Texas Southwestern
Gillian Hale, MD, MPH gillian.genrich@ucsfmedctr.org GI/Hepato 5 George Washington University
Brian Hinds, MD, MS brian.hinds@ucsfmedctr.org Dermpath 5 University of Louisville
Christopher Liverman, MD, PhD christopher.liverman@ucsfmedctr.org Surpath w/ Subspecialty 5 University of Kansas
Zoltan Nagymanyoki, MD, PhD zoltan.nagymanyoki@ucsfmedctr.org MGP Fellow 5 Harvard Medical School
Gerald Reis, MD, PhD gerald.reis@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of California, San Diego
Tara Saunders, MD tara.saunders@ucsfmedctr.org Cytopath 5 University of Arizona
Joshua Schulman, MD schulmanJ@derm.ucsf.edu Dermpath 6 University of California, San Francisco
David Solomon, MD, PhD david.solomon@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 5 Georgetown University
Tab Toochinda, MD tab.toochinda@ucsfmedctr.org Hemepath 5 University of Pittsburgh
Linlin Wang, MD linlin.wang@ucsfmedctr.org Hemepath 5 University of Texas Southwestern
Rebecca Wolsky, MD rebecca.wolsky@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of Chicago
Matthew Wood, MD, PhD matthew.wood@ucsfmedctr.org Neuropath 5 Dartmouth Medical School
He "Sarina" Yang, PhD he.yang@ucsfmedctr.org SFGH Clinical Chemistry Northwestern University
Larry Zhao, MD, PhD larry.zhao@ucsfmedctr.org Surgpath 5 University of Massachusetts

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